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Mobile medical alert systems or personal emergency response systems are designed to be used both in and out of the home, unlike traditional home-based systems that work only in and around the home. In addition, these mobile systems often include GPS tracking technology that allow the approximate location of the senior user to be detected.

Mobile Guardian Review

Below are reviews of the best mobile Medical Alert Systems With GPS in the market today:

Medical Guardian Mobile Alert System With GPS Review

Medical Guardian offers two mobile alert systems with GPS: Mobile Guardian and Premium Guardian. Both systems provide mobile monitoring for active seniors who may be frequently out and about. Medical Guardian is the leader amongst a new generation of medical alert companies offering quality systems based on the latest technologies. Central to their Mobile Guardian alert system is a lightweight portable unit with an emergency call button and a speakerphone. At home, the portable monitoring device is paired with either a water-resistant bracelet or neck pendant. This provides protection for seniors everywhere at home, including the bath and shower, where most falls occur.

Their Premium mobile alert system comes with a small water-resistant mobile GPS help button device that is used both at home and out of the home. Premium Guardian can be upgraded to automatically detect falls. Both Mobile and Premium mobile alert devices come with cellular network calling service included, allowing seniors to access Medical Guardian’s monitoring help specialists whenever it is needed. Emergency monitoring service starts at around $40 per month for their Mobile Guardian alert system. Full Review >>


Lively Mobile Urgent Response Device Review

The Lively is a mobile urgent response button device produced by Great Call, a well-recognized cellular phone company serving seniors. This nifty button device is small and light enough to be worn around the neck with a lanyard. What distinguishes the Great Call from other mobile alert systems is its comprehensive bundle of features: being GPS enabled, waterproof and incorporating fall detection seniors. It also has a companion Great Call Link app that premium subscribers can access and use for sharing their activity information with their children or caregivers.

The Lively mobile alert device is easy to understand and use, and comes with outstanding features. One current weakness is that it needs to be charged daily in order to stay operational. While some seniors can blend this easily into their daily routines, others may be hesitant about it. Overall, the Lively is a good product to consider when comparing mobile medical alert buttons. Full Review >>


Bay Alarm Medical GPS Mobile Alert Device Review

Bay Alarm Medical is a popular medical alert company that offers a GPS mobile alert button device. This is a small lightweight device that seniors can take with them when they go out. The device has a speaker and microphone built right into it to facilitate clear two-way communications. Should an emergency occur, the device user can click on the button in the middle. This emergency call to a monitoring operator is connected via a cellular network connection. The monitoring service costs around $40 per month, with good discounts if users prepay for multiple months upfront.

Although the device works both in the out of the home as long as it gets good cellular phone reception, Bay Alarm Medical recommends using this in combination with their home medical alert system. We have more details on why this is, as well as comparisons of this with other mobile devices in the full review. Overall, it is a decent GPS mobile medical alert option to consider. Full Review >>


Philips Lifeline GoSafe Medical Alert System

The Philips Lifeline GoSafe home and mobile medical alert system is a unique one-of-a-kind combination system. It includes both an at-home medical alert base console unit and a help button that can be worn both in and out of the home. The help button is waterproof and comes with its own speaker and microphone. The system comes with Lifeline’s auto alert technology as well. The system is GPS-enabled, and incorporates additional locations tracking technologies using wifi and cell tower triangulation.

Like other mobile alert systems, emergency calls are routed through a cellular network connection. It also has the option of working through a home phone line for the at-home portion. As a high-end system, it costs about $55/ $65 per month. It is fairly new in the market. Overall, it is an innovative system backed by a technology leader in the industry. Full Review >>


Great Call Splash 5Star Urgent Response Review

[New Version Available: Lively Alert] The Great Call Splash 5 Star Urgent Responder product is a small mobile emergency alert device with GPS locator technology. By pressing an emergency button on the device, users are connected with certified emergency response agents via a cell phone connection. The device is small and lightweight, and can be worn around the neck with a lanyard, or attached to a keychain. The monitoring help costs $19.99 to $34.99 a month, depending on the package.

The best part about this system is that it is simple to understand and use. Compared to other systems with several pieces of equipment, there is less hassle because the user has to manage just one small emergency pendant. The Great Call Splash pendant is waterproof, which allows it to be worn in showers and baths. This is a useful feature, as lots of elderly falls happen in wet bathroom environments. It also comes with a Fall Detection alert option. Full Review >>


MobileHelp Medical Alert Review

The MobileHelp mobile medical alert system with GPS, MobileHelp Duo, works like a regular medical alert system, with an added portable mobile speakerphone extension unit that can be carried around. Like regular senior alert system, it has a reliable base station that is meant to be plugged in to a power source at home. The user wears a wrist band or necklace pendant with an emergency button.

The mobile portion consists of portable device that acts similarly to the home base station unit. It incorporates a speakerphone and GPS tracking technology. When the wrist band or necklace help button is pressed, it sends a signal to the mobile “base” unit to activate an alarm. A connection to the monitoring center staff is established through a wireless cell phone connection. The system costs around $40/month. Full Review >>


Verizon SureResponse Personal Monitor Review

[No Longer Sold] The Verizon SureResponse GPS medical alert device was released to great fanfare back in late 2012, with the exciting premise for a single, seamless medical alert system for the home and outside. Unfortunately, customer feedback has not been encouraging.

Central to the SureResponse system is a small mobile cell phone device unit that acts as the emergency button pendant, except that it also incorporates a speakerphone and GPS locations technology. This mobile device can be worn around the neck, on the wrist, or clipped to the belt. Senior users can wear and use this unit in or out of their homes, and use it in showers. The mobile unit is charged through a docking station.

The system costs around $30/month, plus a 2 year contract. There is a $175 early termination fee.

The best part of the Verizon SureResponse system is that it is easy to understand. Like the Great Call system, users have one button device to wear and make emergency calls. According to many users, the least attractive part of the system is that the devices need constant charging to work, which can be annoying.

While the Verizon medical alert system sounds great in concept, it has worked less well in practice. We would recommend the Lively Alert or Medical Guardian Mobile Alert system over the Verizon SureResponse system, even if their system specs appear to be less than what SureResponse offers. Full Review >>


Securus eCare+Voice Mobile Medical Alert System

eCare+Voice Mobile Medical Alert System

Securus eCare+Voice Mobile Medical Alert Device

The Securus eCare+Voice Mobile Medical Alert System is a small lightweight mobile unit that weighs less than 2 ounces. It can be worn around the neck with a lanyard or clipped to a belt or purse. By pressing on the SOS button on the unit, an emergency call is activated. Through a cell phone connection, an emergency center specialist will speak with and help the user.

The GPS locator tracking allows trained dispatchers to see where the user is located and to send help to. The eCare+Voice Mobile Medical Alert System works using T-Mobile wireless and other roaming wireless providers. The system costs around $40 a month to operate, plus $99 for the device.

The best part of the Securus eCare+Voice Mobile Medical Alert System system is the small size and light weight of the pendant. The least attractive part is that it is not meant to work in showers or baths. It works very much like the Great Call 5Star Responder listed above, but is more costly and lack the positive reviews that Great Call has.

Mobile Guardian Review

If you are seriously interested in mobile medical alert systems, check out our Mobile Medical Alert Systems guide which details the benefits and limitations of mobile GPS medical alert systems. This background info can help you pick a better system.

A mobile medical alert cell phone device like Great Call’s 5Star Response is a great complement to a stable home medical alert system like LifeStation, Life Alert or Bay Alarm Medcial. Check out reviews of these systems in the regular home Medical Alert Systems Reviews section.


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