Get informed about medical alert systems for the elderly through these blog articles. You can find interesting information about news and developments related to home medical alert systems, reviews of related helpful medical devices, as well as senior living tips.

The Main Types of Senior Alert Systems

Senior alert systems allow senior citizens to continue living independent lives, while being able to call for emergency help if they should require it. As a person ages, he or she becomes vulnerable to accidents such as falls that may incapacitate them and prevent them from getting help. An emergency […] Read more »

Joy From Robots: Companion Cats and Dogs For Seniors

Hasbro’s Joy For All is bringing joy to the elderly through their Companion Cat and Dog animal robots. Through their animatronics product line, Hasbro is improving the quality of life for seniors. Life-like, soothing, and interactive are just a few of the words to describe Hasbro’s Companion Dogs and Cats. […] Read more »

Designing Communities That Embrace Aging

A study by the American Association of Retired Persons or the AARP revealed that 87% of Americans prefer to age in their own homes. Indeed, it sounds comforting to grow old staying in a place that you have loved so long, with people that you’ve cared about for years, living […] Read more »