Check out these shopping guides and articles on finding the best medical alert systems for seniors. If you are new to this topic, you may want to review the introductory guide to monitored alert systems for a start. If you are actively shopping for the ideal service for yourself or your parents, check out the Shopper's Checklist for a list of factors to consider. You can also read up on non-monitored alert systems as an alternative to the regular systems.

A Key Lockbox Alongside Personal Emergency Response Systems – Is It A Necessary Accessory?

A key lockbox is often cited as a great accessory to work alongside personal emergency response systems like Life Alert or LifeStation. It turns out that this is not just a “nice to have” accessory. It plays a critical role when an elderly user experiences a life-threatening situation and needs […] Read more »

How Medical Alert Systems Can Help Alzheimer’s & Dementia Patients

More and more people are realizing that medical alert systems can be very helpful for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. These systems allow affected seniors to easily get the help they need. Traditional home medical alert systems enable seniors who fall or are physically hurt to easily summon help. Newer technologies […] Read more »

Medical Alert Systems That Work Without A Home Phone Line

Guide To Wireless Cellular-Based Medical Alert Systems With the rising cost of a home phone line, more and more people are abandoning it in favor of a cell phone line or digital services like VoIP lines or Magic Jack. To move with the times, a number of major medical alert […] Read more »

An Introduction To Monitored Medical Alert Systems

The benefits of monitored medical alert systems cannot be underscored enough, especially for the elderly who live alone, or spend a lot of time on their own at home. These benefits of these services are best felt during emergency situations. Choosing the best system will give peace of mind to […] Read more »

An Introduction To No Monthly Fee Medical Alert Systems

Medical alert systems provide senior citizens with a level of security that allows them to live independently without fear that accidents or other medical emergencies will leave them without any way to summon help. Using a medical alert system allows a senior to immediately summon assistance using an alert device […] Read more »