GreatCall Splash: New Waterproof Mobile Alert Device

Great Call Splash Medical Alert Pendent waterproof

The Great Call Splash Medical Alert Pendent is waterproof. See Official Website Listing >>

The GreatCall Splash With 5Star Medical Alert Service is the new waterproof incarnation of the GreatCall 5Star Urgent Response device. This is great news as it presents a higher quality choice for consumers interested in mobile medical alert systems with GPS that work beyond their home.

Update 1: As of July 29, 2016, the Great Call Splash has been superseded by the new generation mobile device Great Call Lively Alert.

Update 2: On a related note, in April 2015, Great Call added automatic fall detection service to their Splash device. The sensor technology was already built into Splash devices sold even prior to the service’s introduction. If you have purchased a waterproof Splash device in 2014, it is likely that you can upgrade it to work with Great Call’s automatic fall detection alert feature.

What Is The Great Call Splash Device All About?

The Great Call Splash 5 Start Urgent Response medical alert device is a small portable unit with an SOS help button. It can be worn around the neck using a lanyard, or placed in a case and clipped to the belt. The unit is portable and mobile – it can be used anywhere that Verizon cell phone coverage is good.

GreatCall, based out of Southern California, is also the maker of Jitterbug cell phones for seniors.

The Splash Is Waterproof!

The previous version of the Great Call Splash, known as the 5Star Urgent Response, was very handy as a mobile medical alert device with GPS. However, it’s major shortcoming was that it was not waterproof. In fact, users complained that the old device was even sensitive to humidity and sometimes malfunctioned in bathroom environments. A lot of senior falls occur in wet bathroom environments, so making the pendant waterproof is a giant step forward in terms of the level of protection it can give to seniors.

The Great Call Splash, is waterproof rated to industry standards of IPX7. That means it can be worn in showers and shallow baths (under 30 minutes).

Update April 2016 – Great Call will be launching another IPX7 rated waterproof device called the Great Call Lively Wearable. This is a watch or necklace pendant that will sync up with a smartphone through Bluetooth technology.

Interested readers can read the full Great Call Splash with 5Star Medical Alert Service review.

About Mobile Medical Alert Systems

The Great Call Splash makes a great mobile medical alert system that can be used both in and out of the home, even when traveling out of town, as long as there is good Verizon cell phone coverage. Some systems like the GreatCall Splash has built-in GPS trackers, which allow the user’s location to be automatically communicated to the monitoring center.

Mobile medical alert technology is still evolving and we should expect even better and more improved products in the future. See full mobile medical alert systems discussion here.

Why Home Medical Alert Systems Are Still The More Popular

Compared to a mobile medical alert system, a home medical alert system is more reliable and easier to use because there is no need to remember to recharge it daily. The help buttons are a lot lighter, typically weighing around 0.33 oz to 0.4 oz compared to 1.5 oz to 2 oz for mobile GPS pendants. Just as importantly if not more, all quality home medical alert systems offer waterproof pendants.

Another reason home medical alert systems are more popular is due to the fact that seniors are looking for a device that will help them when they fall and no one is around. Usually, that scenario happens at home. When they are out and about, they may be accompanied by others or there are others in the same place they are at eg. at the mall, grocery store, lunch in restaurants and more.

A good hybrid system to look at may be the one offered by Medical Guardian. It has the reliability of a regular home medical alert system that operates in the background when users are at home. The Medical Guardian system device is mobile and has a GPS tracker. It can be taken along when the senior is going out of the home. The downside is that this system costs $20/month more than the GreatCall Splash.

Interested To Get The Great Call Splash?

For readers seriously interested in getting the Great Call Splash, we recommend doing a little comparison shopping with at least one other system listed in the Medical Alert Systems with GPS reviews section. Check out our full Great Call Splash review here. Make sure that it’s good for you or your parent’s needs.

Take Care When Buying – Old Inventory Is Not Waterproof

Some vendors are still clearing their inventory of older Great Call 5Star Urgent Response devices, which are not waterproof, so we recommend that you be careful when buying.

You can find more information, as well as purchase the Splash GPS mobile medical alert system directly on Great Call’s Official Website. The official site does not list the old device version anymore, and buyers can be assured of getting the right information and product.

Disclosure: We may receive referral compensation for purchases made (see details).

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