Great Call Splash Automatic Fall Detection Alert Service

Great Call Splash

Great Call Splash now offers automatic fall detection alert services.

As of Apr 2015, Great Call has introduced automatic fall detection alert services to the Great Call Splash medical alert system. With automatic fall detection enabled, whenever a fall is detected, an alert call is automatically placed on behalf of the user to Great Call’s 5Star Urgent Response monitoring service. An agent will speak with the user through the device and provide assistance. There is no need for the user to press the help/SOS button to summon this help.

Get Started With Great Call Splash Fall Detection Alert On Their Official Website

News Flash April 2016: Great Call will be introducing a new product called the Great Call Lively with automated fall detection technology.

How It Works

Automatic fall detection is made possible through an accelerometer built into the Splash device. By sensing the changes in acceleration, the device is able to tell if a fall has taken place.

Note that although the sensing technology is built into all Splash devices sold, the auto fall detection alert service is only enabled with a subscription to the Ultimate Plan ($34.99 a month). You can use the same device with the Basic plan ($19.99 a month) that is less expensive. With the Basic plan, the user will need to press the help button each time they want to get connected to a monitoring agent.

With fall detection, the only difference when it comes to equipment and accessories is a new set of accessories for wearing the Splash mobile alert device. Users will receive a different lanyard and accessories clip. These are sent out to new subscribers or existing users who upgrade.

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Automatically Connects Seniors or Other Users To The Monitoring Center

The biggest advantage of adding automatic fall detection is that should users lose consciousness after falling, or if they are unable to press the help button for any reason, they can still receive needed attention. In some cases, this attention can be critical in ensuring that the user gets proper attention and care within a short window of time. Seniors who are suffer from or are at risk of dizzy spells, strokes, diabetes, heart problems, cognitive disorders and other disabilities may find that this provides another layer of assurance.

Flexible Choice – Add Fall Detection Service As Needed

One great benefit of the Great Call Splash medical alert system is that it uses the same emergency button device for both fall detection and non-fall detection alert customers. Seniors or their children, or other users purchasing the device could start off with a non-fall detection alert plan and then upgrade when the timing is right. Or they could start off with a fall detection alert plan and then downgrade if they don’t like it.

It’s all based on the fundamentally the same piece of equipment, so there is flexibility in choosing what’s needed. Unlike most other systems out there, this choice is available without the hassle of returning their existing button device or writing off the cost of it.

Not 100% Accurate

There are some disadvantages as well. For one, automatic fall detection is not 100% accurate. It is possible that sometimes a user may have fallen, and the Great Call Splash is unable to accurately sense the fall and issue an alert to help the user. In July 2014, there was a case in the news where a lady on a wheelchair who fell down but her Philips Lifeline fall alert button did not detect a fall. Whether the automated fall alert is through Great Call or another other company, there is no absolute 100% certainty in fall sensing technology.

Senior users and their children can be lulled into a false sense of security when they go with automatic fall detection. Please understand the limitations and use the product with care. See a complete discussion of this and other pros and cons in this article: Are Auto Fall Alerts In Personal Emergency Response Systems Worthwhile?

Note For Pace Maker/ Defibrillator/ Implanted Medical Device Wearers

The Great Call Splash pendant may not work for pace maker, defibrillator or implanted medical device wearers. Prior to using it, please consult with a physician. This is especially so if auto fall alert detection is enabled on your device.

Compared To Other Medical Alert Systems

Automatic fall alerts have been risen in popularity in the last few years. To date, Great Call is one of the few medical alert systems that have included it with a mobile device. LifeStation has a fall alert button, but it only works within the home.

One mobile GPS medical alert system with fall detection that works both at home and out of the home is the Philips Lifeline GoSafe system. It is a more elaborate system that includes a home console unit. The cost is also substantially higher – $149 for the button and $54.95 a month for the service. The Philips Lifeline GoSafe is a fairly recent addition to the marketplace, having been launched about 7 months ago (Oct 2014).

Another option is the Walgreens Ready Response On the Go product from Tunstall Americas. They have similar features: alert monitoring, GPS tracking and fall detection. The Great Call Splash appears a more flexible option that allows users to share their GPS tracker information with loved ones, and multiple plans for different usage levels.

How To Get Started

To get started on the Great Call auto fall detection service, users need to purchase the Great Call Splash device and subscribe to their $34.99 a month Ultimate Plan. This plan includes Great Call’s basic 5Star Urgent Response medical alert monitoring, the Great Call Link app that allows the user’s GPS location information to be shared with authorized users, as well as fall detection.

Get Started With Great Call Splash Fall Detection Alert On Their Official Website

Current Great Call Splash owners can upgrade to this plan if they choose to, since the Splash already incorporates the fall sensing hardware.

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