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Walgreens Ready Response Review Summary

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Walgreens Ready Response systemThe Walgreens Ready Response™ Medical Alert System is a no-frills basic medical alert system similar to what Life Alert offers. Though branded Walgreens, it is actually operated by Tunstall Americas, a company with decades of experience in the medical alert systems industry.

With the Walgreens system, users are not tied down to any long term contracts. The cost of the system is $29.99 per month, which is fair for what they offer. You can compare their pricing and features to other companies in the Reviews section.


No Long Term Contracts, Set-up Fees – There are no long term contracts or installation fees with the system. Users can choose to subscribe on a month-to-month basis and cancel with 30 days’ notice. Their products are viable alternatives to the classic Life Alert system that has been widely advertised.


No Prepayment Options/Discounts – There are no long term contracts or installation fees with the system. Users can choose to subscribe on a month-to-month basis and cancel with 30 days’ notice.

Can’t Buy It Directly At A Walgreens Store – Some medical alert device shoppers may walk into a Walgreens store thinking that they will be able to see and purchase it. However, the system is offered through a partner company. Interested parties need to order the system by phone to have a package sent out.

Walgreens Medical Alert System Detailed Review


The Walgreens brand name is well-known as they are a huge retail drugstore chain in the US with over 6,000 locations. They do not produce their own medical alert system, but instead have an independent provider operate it under their brand name.

The Walgreens Ready Response Medical Alert System is run by Tunstall Americas, a provider of remote healthcare and health communications technologies. American Medical Alert Corp (AMAC) was the NASDAQ listed US company originally contracted by Walgreens to operate their branded personal emergency response system. Through Tunstall Americas’ acquisition of AMAC in 2011, the Walgreens medical alert system is now supported under their umbrella.

AMAC has over 30 years of experience in the medical monitoring field. Medical alert systems provided by Tunstall Americas/AMAC are not sold directly to consumers. They work with large companies like Walgreens to provide private label solutions, which are then offered to end-users.

The Walgreens medical alert device cannot be purchased directly at a Walgreens retail location. Prospective customers can visit their website www.walgreensreadyresponse.com to find out more or to order the service.

How It Works

The regular Walgreens Ready Response home-based system works just like any regular medical alert system. Elderly users wear a pendant or wristband with an emergency button. When they require help, they press on the emergency button to activate a call to the monitoring center. A trained monitoring representative will then speak with them through the 2-way speakerphone on the base console to determine how the elderly user is doing and what type of help is needed. The representative will then summon the appropriate help.

There is a separate Ready Response On the Go mobile medical alert product that works both in and out of the home. It runs on a cellular phone connection by AT&T, and comes with GPS tracking and fall detection. The product works similarly to the GreatCall Lively Alert.


The cost of the regular Walgreens home medical alarm system is $29.99 a month. They have options for two other systems – the Cellular Medical Alert System (home-based) for $36.99 a month and Ready Response On the Go Service, a mobile GPS alert pendant for $39.99 a month plus a $14.99 activation fee. There are no installation fees. Users can prepay quarterly or annually for additional discounts.

This is an acceptable market price, but astute shoppers may want to review comparative options offered by other best rated companies. See the Best Medical Alert Systems Comparison Chart.

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There are no long term contracts. Customers can cancel anytime by giving 30 days notice. There are no termination penalties. As part of the cancellation process, customers are required to return the equipment back to the company. Otherwise, they risk being charged a lost equipment fee.

Equipment Overview

Walgreens Medical Alert Base Unit

The Walgreens medical alert base console device comes with a super-sensitive microphone to allow for easy communications between the user and the monitoring center representative. The design is classic looking.

Walgreens Medical Alert Bracelet/ Pendant

Another important part of the system is the emergency or activator button that is either worn around the neck like a necklace, or around the wrist like a bracelet. If you prefer, there is also an option for a belt clip. The battery lasts for up to 3 years.

The activator button is water-resistant and will continue to work as long as the user does not keep it submerged in water for a long time. They can be worn in the shower and bath.

Should the equipment fail, or batteries run out, they will be repaired or replaced without charge.

Phone Line Options

The regular Walgreens Ready Response home-based system works well with traditional phone lines. According to a Walgreens Ready Response representative we spoke with, the system generally works with VoIP as well. They have not published any guarantees about it, but most medical alert systems equipment do work with VoIP; so this system is not likely to be an exception.

The company also provides two additional options that do not require home phone lines: a home-based Cellular Medical Alert System and a GPS Mobile system called Ready Response On the Go.


Installation for the system is done through a simple self-setup process.


The wireless range between the help activator button and the base unit is up to 390 ft for their home-based units. This is a wide radius that is sufficient for most home users. The actual working range of the system will depend on the actual layout of the home, obstacles present, and other environmental considerations. We advise users to test out their system from various parts of their home once they get set-up with the system.

For users wanting wide coverage, consider their Ready Response On the Go button with GPS, and compare with other mobile medical alert systems.

Monitoring Center

Medical alert monitoring is provided 24/7 a day, everyday. The monitoring service is directly operated by Tunstall Americas, the provider of this medical alert system. They have two monitoring centers, in case any event occurs to prevent the normal operation of one. Besides English, there is also multi-lingual support for over 140 languages.

Backup Battery

There is a 24-hour battery back up for their home medical alert console in case of power failure.


We have not detected any serious complaints against the Walgreens Ready Response medical alert system. There is no BBB rating specific to Walgreens Ready Response product. There is a BBB report with only a few complaints specific to Tunstall Americas, the company operating the Walgreen’s medical alert products. Reading through them, they had to do with billing and charges, although the company appeared willing to work with their customers.

Generally Good, Workable System

Overall, the solution offered is good and workable. The Walgreens name immediately draws attention, and the company tries to keep things simple and provide products that serve their functions. Readers can see how their products compare with other best rated companies in the Medical Alert Systems Reviews section.



While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this review, the information is supplied without warranties of any kind. We advise all readers to do careful due diligence before purchasing. Take time to visit the company’s website or speak with their representatives.




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