How Great Call’s Monitoring Help Saved A Family Before 911 Could

In this video, John Walsh, host of America’s Most Wanted and spokesman for Great Call describes a situation in which a family trapped in their home during Hurricane Sandy was saved. The family had previously called 911 and were not able to get a helpful response after 2 hours. They then pressed their Great Call mobile urgent response device button. The Great Call operator was able to contact the US Coast Guard, which sent a helicopter to evacuate the family from their house. Listen to John Walsh tell the story here:

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One of the benefits of having a monitored personal emergency response system in place is getting help from a trained monitoring operator. The best medical alert companies usually have processes in place to ensure that their monitoring center personnel are well-trained; and thus able to respond well to requests for emergency help from seniors and other customers.

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Great Call Splash

The Great Call Splash device is a currently a best-selling mobile urgent response product. Their monitoring operators are IAED (International Academies of Emergency Dispatch) certified. The Splash product can be used both in and out of the home. It is GPS enabled, and their is an option to share the user’s location with authorized users through the web or smartphone app.

One great feature of the Great Call Splash is that it is waterproof. That allows seniors to have it on them in the shower or bath, where the chances of accidentally slipping and falling is increased.

In general, the Great Call Splash is suitable for seniors who want to have the assurance that they can get help quickly anytime. This product is especially helpful for the elderly and their family members when the senior has worrying health conditions such as diabetes, heart problems, macular degneration, arthritis, cognitive impairment and early stage Alzheimer’s disease. Besides seniors, it also appeals to men and women with health challenges, for single women living on their own and for children and teenagers who can benefit from the extra pillar of attention and support.

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