How Does A Key Lockbox Work With Medical Alert Systems?

medical alert and lock boxKey lockboxes work hand in hand with medical alert systems by allowing first responders like fire fighters, the police or emergency services personnel to reach and help the elderly patient who have issued the alarm call. When first responders are given the security combination to the lockbox by medical monitoring dispatchers, they can gain entry into the elderly patient’s home without breaking down doors.

Here is a look at how a lockbox arrangement would work with various types of medical alarm systems as far as conveying the security combination code to first responders. For more background information on keys storage boxes and the product’s relevance to emergency response system users, please check out this article: A Key Lockbox Alongside Personal Emergency Response Systems – Is It A Necessary Accessory?

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Monitored Medical Alert

For standard home medical alert systems with monitoring, the lock-box combination is safe-guarded by the monitoring center and shared with first responders and EMTs as needed, to allow them access into the home to assist the elderly user. Additional information like the location of the lockbox may also be saved on file and relayed to first responders by the monitoring center representative.

Since it is a home-based emergency call system, it is assumed that the alarm is coming from the home address of the user. A word of advice – if the elderly moves to live at another place where the medical system is operating, be sure to contact the medical alert company to update the address on file.

A more in-depth explanation about the benefits of key lockboxes can be found here.

Mobile Alert Systems

For users with mobile medical alert systems that work both in the home and far away, the monitoring representative will confirm with the elderly user on their physical location. If the system has GPS, the technology will help to confirm the location. If the user’s location is confirmed to be at his/her home, the monitoring representative will dispatch first responders to the location if needed. The representative will share with them the user’s lockbox combination, and other relevant information such as the location of the lockbox (if it’s on file), so that the first responders can enter the home and assist the user.

Non-Monitored Emergency Call Systems

For non-monitored medical alert systems that connects the elderly user directly with 911, the key lockbox combination code and location placement need to be conveyed directly to the 911 operator by the elderly user. Alternatively, if it is a system that dials a custom contact list, the lockbox combination can be conveyed beforehand to the user’s custom contacts. One of the contacts can also make a 911 call and let the operator know the combination code and the location of the key lockbox.

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