Fall Prevention Products For The Elderly (Part 1)

Fall prevention products for the elderly can provide seniors with a safety net in situations where they are susceptible to falling. These products help to stop dreaded falls that could be painful and physically injurious to our aging loved ones. According to official statistics, falling happens quite often to seniors.

Sadly, falls could result in bone and hip fractures, head and brain injuries, muscle breakdown and even worse. As much as possible, it is wise to exercise care and pay attention to fall prevention tips like these. In addition, there are fall prevention products that can help:

1. Magnetic Monitors or Sensor Pads

These products are frequently used as a chair or bed monitor for tracking the movements of the elderly. Sensor pads are thin, so users have an assurance that this will never disrupt them when placed on their beds. They are also referred to as Bed Alarms. In case the senior leaves his/her bed or chair, the monitor or sensor pad will detect a change in pressure. It activates an alarm that warns their children or caregivers what is happening.

Some come with mat designs, rather than a bed or chair pad. When someone steps on a mat, the pressure is detected and it will sound an alarm in the event that someone steps onto a mat.

Magnetic monitors work by having a magnetic tab that is attached to monitoring device. When the tab is pulled away, an alarm sounds warning caregivers.

Guide to Bed Alarms – Get Alerted Before The Patient Falls!


2. Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are similar to sensor pads described above, but based on a different sensing technology. Most motion sensors use infrared sensors to detect motion, rather than the weight-based sensors in bed alarms.

Motion sensor alarms can be a either standalone single sensor and alarm unit, or they could come in a two-piece wireless set consisting of a sensor and an alarm/pager. Once motion is detected, the alarm rings. This serves to alert a caregiver or family member in case an elderly gets up from his bed or from the couch. This allows the caregiver to immediately come to the assistance of the elderly to prevent any untoward accidents that may result.

It is easy enough to use motion sensors. The sensor can be installed near the bed or chair of the elderly. For two-piece wireless sets, the alarm can be placed remotely in another room. The sensor and the alarm, however, should be within a certain distance from each other for alerts to be received. Different brands and models would have different effective distance ranges. There are also motion sensors that can be mounted on doors to alert the caregiver when the elderly attempts to leave his room.

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3. Toilet Seat Risers

This allows people the elderly or the disabled to experience ease when accessing toilets. With toilet seat risers, there is less strain and hassle involved in sitting down or getting up from toilet seats. It is also helpful when transferring from wheelchairs. Some even come with removable arms to make movements even more stable. The convenience plays a significant role in preventing falls that often take place in the bathroom. The good thing about the toilet seat risers is that most of them are affordable and comfortable to use.

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4. Anti-Slip Shower/Bath Mats or Safety Adhesive Strips

Anti-slip shower/bath mats can be conveniently placed on shower floor or bathtub, where the danger of falling lurk most. These products are usually made using hard rubber material that adds friction to prevent a senior from slipping or falling when standing in the shower or getting in/out of the bathtub. Besides the basic ones, you can find bathroom anti-slip mats with anti-flammable and anti-mildew properties that offer additional protection for parents or your loved ones.

Another variation of this product is safety sticker strips. These can be placed on on the floor of the shower or bath. They add to the friction when an elderly or disabled person is standing on it, thereby increasing the person’s standing stability and reducing their risk of falling.

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5. Bath/Shower Safety Grip Handles

These are safety bars that seniors can grab on to maintain his balance, reduce effects of fatigue when he is standing, maneuver directions easily, or use something to grab into in the event of accidental slips or falls. These grab bars come in various sizes, and some will pivot at various angles. Installing these handles on the wall close to your shower area, bathtub, and toilet can be a huge step towards improving fall prevention.

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