Fall Prevention Products For The Elderly (Part 2)

Here are more Fall Prevention Products for the Elderly, continued from Part 1. You may also find the 10 Fall Prevention Tips For The Elderly post helpful.

6. Anti-Slip Slippers, Socks and Shoes

Preventing falls can be greatly helped by using the right slippers, socks and shoes. Seniors should make it a point to wear non-slip, low-heel footwear that properly fit them so they will never have a hard time safely moving and walking around. A wise tip is to go for shoes and socks featuring non-skid treads.

Staying away from slippers that tend to slip easily is also necessary. This can help in maintaining the safety of elders and reducing the risk of dealing with slipping accidents.

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7. Canes or Walkers

These products are very commonly employed and highly useful mobility aids for the elderly. Canes and walkers are particularly useful in allowing the elderly to stand upright and move steadily. Just make sure to choose the right height when looking into this product. Check that the bottom of the cane is made of rubber or a material that cushions for added stability when walking.

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8. Fall Mats (for Fall Protection)

A fall mat is a cushioned mat designed to offer fall protection. Technically, it doesn’t prevent a fall, but it helps seniors who have fallen lessen the impact that could otherwise injure them. This can be strategically placed in certain parts of your home where falls are prone to happen, or in places where falling can lead to severe injuries. These may include your toilet or the side of your bed.

Consider these fall prevention products as items that could help either to prevent falls or to protect users should they fall. Monitors and sensors are especially useful when there are caregivers around. Other items like anti-slip mats, socks or canes and walkers are useful for the elderly whether there are caregivers around or whether they live independently.

For seniors living alone, medical alert systems can offer the advantage of getting fast help if the user falls down anytime. Most of us like the independence of living on our own, and having a home emergency response system can provide the protection that someone is ready to assist if anything unexpected happens.


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