Secure Wireless Remote Nurse Alert System Review

Secure Wireless Remote Nurse Alert SystemThe Secure Wireless Remote Nurse Alert System is perfect for the patient to alert a nearby caregiver for assistance. Home medical alert systems typically dial out to a monitoring center when the help button is pressed. However, what happens when the senior wants to alert a family member or caregiver who is in the same home?

That’s when a simple two-way pager system like this wireless remote nurse call button comes in handy. It’s simple, convenient, and user-friendly. The package comes with the call button which can be worn as a pendant. The senior can press the button whenever they need assistance or if they slip and fall. The receiver which can be put in the bedside, near the caregiver, or mounted to a wall.

When activated, the receiver will sound. The device has 32 alarm sounds to choose from and has a range of up to 500 feet that will give the patient and the caregiver more freedom. The product comes with the call button, the receiver, and the screwdriver for installing the batteries (requires 3x AAA batteries, 1x CR2032 battery). It’s comes as a complete package.

This is a good product: it provides a solution to both the senior/ patient and family members or caregivers. It’s also cost-effective, retailing for around $20.


Here some key benefits of the Secure Wireless Remote Nurse Alert System product:

Less Worries Because Your Parents Can Buzz You When They Need Help

Although the receiver is a little bulky and can also be placed on a table, the device always works. You’ll never have to worry about your elderly mother or father again as you know they can always count on you.

Adjustable Volume Control

There is an adjustable volume control. The volume can be set high, such that the sound has been described as loud enough to wake a person up at night. Another customer also noted that it’s loud and works as a champ.

Good Range – Works Well Even For Larger Homes

The range is up to 500 feet in an open area which means that if you live in a bigger house, the wireless nurse call button will still work.

Water Resistant

The water resistant feature of the call button protects the button near the shower or sink. Still, one should be mindful not to splash it with water – the button device is meant to be kept dry and definitely not shower-proof.

Convenient To Use

Convenience is the one thing that sets this product apart from others. It’s really easy to use. Using it will be a cinch for an elderly person.

Another similar product is The Slimline Compact, a call button system from the same company, has the features of the Secure Wireless Remote Nurse Alert. It also has a 500-feet range, 32 alarm sounds to choose from, can also be worn as a pendant, and is water resistant. That unit comes with three alert options: You can have the sound plus light, sound only, and light only. The latter is perfect for people with hearing disorders.

If you’re looking for a good wireless call button system, check this Secure Wireless Remote Nurse Alert System product out. To learn more about Wireless Caregiver Call Button Systems, check out our guide here.


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