Basic Tai Chi Movements For Seniors To Improve Strength & Balance (Video)

One of the main causes of falling in seniors is a lack of physical movements, leading to lower flexibility and balance. As seniors age, they may be less energetic than before and thus less inclined to exercise. Tai Chi (Tie Chee), an ancient Chinese martial art form with slow and gently flowing movements, might be a suitable exercise option to consider.

Here is an 8 minute Tai Chi movement routine for strength and balance by instructor Don Fiore. Check it out and see if you like it.

Tai Chi is regularly practiced by seniors in China every morning as a form of exercise. Practicing Tai Chi regularly is known to enhance health and fitness. It can also help seniors with a better sense of balance and strength. A 2011 study published on the British Journal of Sports Medicine found evidence that Tai Chi can help with fall prevention and offer general health benefits for older people.

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