VTech CareLine Home Safety Phone System Review

The VTech CareLine Home Safety Phone product line (SN6197, SN6187, SN1197, SN6107, SN6307) is a senior phone system with large buttons and a satellite wearable pendant that emulates a senior “Life Alert” system. The pendant allows users to press a button to call their loved ones or 911 emergency service […] Read more »

LifeLink Prodigy Medical Alert System Review

The LifeLink Prodigy no-monthly-fee system is a carefully engineered product for seniors and people with disabilities seeking an affordable medical alert system. Users or their loved ones purchase the personal emergency response system equipment outright for less than $300, and there are no continuing monthly fees associated with operating it. […] Read more »

LogicMark Freedom Alert 35911 Review

The best-selling LogicMark Freedom Alert 35911 product is a powerful no monthly fee medical alert system. Instead of routing an alarm call through a call monitoring center, the system works by automatically dialing up to 4 custom emergency contacts directly, followed by 911. This saves people money while still offering […] Read more »

4 Handy Medical Alert Devices for the Elderly

The main purpose of medical alert devices for the elderly is to communicate with healthcare providers, family members and emergency medical personnel when threatening emergency situation arise. They are indeed useful tools, especially for the elderly living alone. Almost all are easy to use, and the alerts or information are […] Read more »