Top Life Alert Alternatives – Best Medical Alert Systems To Consider

LIfestation Medical Alert System

Years ago, Life Alert popularized the concept of medical alert monitoring services to the general public with their “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!®” advertising. Besides Life Alert, there are numerous companies that provide medical alert products and services in the US. In this post, we will list various […] Read more »

The Main Types of Senior Alert Systems

LIfestation Medical Alert System

Senior alert systems allow senior citizens to continue living independent lives by enabling them to quickly ask for help should emergencies occur. As a person ages, he or she becomes vulnerable to accidents such as falls that may incapacitate them and prevent them from getting help. An emergency alert or […] Read more »

LifeFone Review

LifeFone Review Summary LifeFone is an established provider of medical alert systems with four decades of operations experience. The company offers each senior customer a thoughtful and supportive service experience. LifeFone accepts detailed personal profiles from each customer to provide them with a customized care plan. Customers can select from […] Read more »

Alert 1’s Real Life Medical Alert Stories Reveal How These Systems Can Help

If you like to learn more about how medical alert systems could assist seniors in living independently at home, Alert1’s easy-to-read Kindle ebook entitled “Medical Alert Systems: True Aging in Place Stories” could provide pointers and insights. The book comprises 13 short stories based on the experiences of Alert 1’s […] Read more »

Senior Medical Monitoring Technologies For Independent Living

Seniors over 65 years old may find that their physical strength and stamina is not quite the same as before. Whatever their situation or conditions are, most still want to lead independent lives and live in their own homes as they age. Fortunately, there are many companies looking into developing […] Read more »

An Introduction To No Monthly Fee Medical Alert Systems

Medical alert systems provide senior citizens with a level of security that allows them to live independently without fear that accidents or other medical emergencies will leave them without any way to summon help. Using a medical alert system allows a senior to immediately summon assistance using an alert device […] Read more »