Medical Guardian’s Active Guardian Mobile Alert Review

Active Guardian Mobile Medical Alert

Active Guardian Mobile Medical Alert

Active Guardian is Medical Guardian’s premium all-in-one mobile medical alert system that works both in and out of the home. In the past, medical alert systems were confined to in-home speaker units that came with traditional necklace buttons. Today, modern mobile medical alert systems like Active Guardian allow senior users more freedom of movement.

Many seniors lead active lifestyles. With an Active Guardian device in hand, they can go anywhere secure in the knowledge that in case of medical emergencies, they can get help fast. As long as they have the handy GPS mobile button device with them (often worn with a lanyard), they can get the assistance they need fast by pushing the help button.

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Why Active Guardian – Compared To Other Mobile Alert Systems

The last few years saw the entry of a lot of new products into the mobile alert devices market for seniors. One that stands out is Active Guardian from Medical Guardian. Medical Guardian is already an established and acknowledged leader in providing high quality personal emergency response devices and service for senior users – both for mobile and home use.

Active Guardian is a highly water-resistant premium mobile device contains both GPS and wifi locations tracking, and will hold a charge for up to 5 days on standby. All these are features that separate it from the pack when compared to similar mobile medical alert systems on the market. It replaces Medical Guardian’s Premium Guardian device, which has similar features except for the absence of wifi positioning.

Next, we go over the main features of the Active Guardian system, and it’s pros and cons.

How It Works

The Active Guardian mobile medical alert device involves a core piece of equipment: the portable emergency call button device that has built-in GPS, Wi-Fi positioning (WPS), speaker and microphone. In case of a medical emergency, the elder user only has to press the button found at the center of the device to make a call.

A trained operator at the monitoring center will pick up the call promptly and provide assistance. Emergency contacts or family members may be informed, as appropriate to the situation. If necessary, emergency service providers will be contacted as well. GPS and Wifi locations tracking allows the operator to determine the location of the user.

A single charge on the Active Guardian mobile device lasts up to five days on stand-by. Full charge is achieved after about three hours of charging time. When the battery charge is low, an indicator light flashes red, reminding the system user to recharge his/her device.

Equipment and Accessories

The all-in-one Active Guardian mobile alert system consists of the a main alert device, lanyard and charger. The mobile alert device includes built-in Wi-Fi and GPS location tracking capabilities. It also comes with an adjustable lanyard to allow the user to wear the device comfortably around the neck. A small charging cradle is included in the package. Here are more details on the Active Guardian product specifications.

Through the secure MyGuardian portal, customers are able to view and update their account details, as well as billing information.

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Active Guardian Pros and Cons


Can Be Used Indoors or Outdoors – Users can wear the device at home, or bring it with them when leaving the house. With in-home medical alert systems, the buttons are limited to in-home use or in the patio or deck areas. Active Guardian will work as long as the user is in a location where there is a decent cellular phone connection. At present, the device works via the AT&T Network.

No Range Restrictions – There are no range restrictions because Active Guardian houses both the call dialing mechanism and help button unit within itself. Unlike standard in-home systems, Active Guardian does not rely on an help button to transmit signals to dial an alarm call through a separate base console unit. Also, the monitoring center agent is aware that the person pressing their SOS button could be calling from anywhere. With in-home medical alert systems, the system user is assumed to be at their home address by default.

Built-in Speaker and Mic – Two-way communications are possible through the built-in speaker and microphone. Thus, the user can speak directly with the operator at the monitoring center. In contrast, conventional home medical alert buttons need to activate a home-based microphone/speaker console unit first before making a call.

Water-Resistant – The pendant can be worn safely even in the shower because it is water-resistant.

Wi-Fi and GPS Location Tracking Capabilities – The tracking features make getting information on the senior user’s current location a breeze. This is crucial, particularly in instances when the user not able to communicate or unsure of his/her current location.

It is important to note that GPS by itself may be unreliable when user is inside places where no visual contact with GPS satellites can be established. Thus, having Wi-Fi positioning (WPS) is a big advantage because it is not dependent on visual contact like GPS. Simply put, Wi-Fi is used where GPS cannot be used effectively. More information is reported in this post on mobile alert systems with both GPS and WiFi.

Auto-Fall Detection – With built-in sensors that detect acceleration, the device is able to determine if the user has suffered from a fall. If the auto fall feature is enabled, the device will then activate an alarm call automatically. This feature is generally reliable, but there may be a few instances when it will fail to work as expected. The device user can still press their emergency call button manually if they are in need of help. The feature is a premium add-on that will cost the subscriber an additional $10 per month.


Bulky Button – Because the button and speaker are built into a single unit, it is slightly bulkier and heavier than traditional home medical alert call buttons. If bulk is a concern, you can opt for Medical Guardian’s Mobile Guardian alert system that pairs up a portable unit with a regular lightweight button. It provides a somewhat different user experience, so you need to compare the pros and cons for each option first. There is a comparison chart in our Medical Guardian Mobile Alert System review here.

Requires Regular Charging – Compared to some conventional home medical alert systems that come with long-lasting batteries that don’t need charging, the pendant’s battery lasts for up to five days on stand-by. Thus, it needs to be charged on a regular basis.

While 5 days may not sound like a long time, compared to the majority of other mobile medical alert devices on the market, it is probably the longest you will find. Most other medical alert devices will retain a charge for up to 2 or 3 days at the maximum.

Lack of Service Availability Indicator – The device lacks an indicator light that clearly signify that the device is ready to work and cellular service is available. The situation is mitigated by several alternative indicator lights that let a user know if battery power is low, if a call is being connected, or if GPS/wifi is working.

Final Word

Active Guardian is a welcome addition to Medical Guardian’s current line of high quality medical alert systems. The device is ideal for senior users who need a device that works practically anywhere, without compromising the features they need such as a one-click emergency call button, 24/7 access to trained monitoring help, GPS and wifi positioning and possibly fall alert detection.

If you are feel that this is a product for you or your parents, you’ll be glad to know that starting out on the Active Guardian system is straightforward and easy. There is no need to shell out extra money upfront for equipment or activation. Prices start at $49.95 per month, and applicable shipping charge is reasonable. For concerns and inquiries, please directly contact a Medical Guardian representative at 1-800-311-6142 (Click to Call).

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Disclosure: We receive referrals commissions for purchases made (details).

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