Medical Guardian’s Real-Life Customer Stories

The following real-life accounts of customers of Medical Guardian’s Medical Alert Systems provides insights on how these systems can safe lives. These stories will give you a look into how medical alert systems help keep seniors safe in case of emergencies, allowing them to continue living independently. What you will notice is that none of these customers purchased with the expectation of really needing to use it soon. However, they all ended up using it within a matter of months.


Emergencies Can Happen Anytime

Ms. Smith, who lives alone in Princeton, New Jersey, bought a Mobile Guardian in April 2015. Although most of us purchase a system for peace of mind hoping never to have to use it, the alert system was kicked into active duty she dislocated her hip on July 9.

With just a press of the help button, she was immediately connected to Mary, the emergency operator. Mary called an ambulance to get to Ms. Smith’s location — verified using her account information and the GPS capabilities of the Mobile Guardian.

Mary also contacted Ms. Smith’s four listed emergency contacts — however, none answered. While help was on the way, Mary remained on the line to comfort Ms. Smith throughout the pain.

Living alone poses the risk of being in accidents with no one else to turn to. Having a Mobile Guardian ensures that you will never have to worry about being alone in case an emergency happens.

If you are interested, we have a few more stories here about how seniors have benefited from their Mobile Guardian system. We also have more examples of how Medical Guardian’s systems were helpful to custoemrs in critical moments.

An Unexpected Attack

On May 7, 2015, Addison and Elsie acquired their Medical Guardian emergency alert system. They bought the system to help them in case any “slip-and-fall” accidents or other accidents thay unexpectedly occur. They never realized that they would be using it for other reasons.

On July 5, 2015, the Addison was attacked by a dog near their home in Tacoma, Washington. He was bleeding and in dire need of medical assistance. Luckily, Elsie pressed her Medical Guardian neck pendant for help.

Chelsea, from Medical Guardian, arranged an ambulance for the couple. While waiting for help, Chelsea filed a police report regarding the canine attack. The medical alert pendant proved especially helpful since the couple did not use cell phones.

Chelsea also called Bonnie, Addison and Elsie’s daughter. Bonnie, who was traveling to Atlanta, Georgia, was able to monitor the situation and check on her parents. Having a Medical Guardian system provided Bonnie peace of mind, in spite of her being out of state when the emergency happened.

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Preempting A Major Cardiovascular Attack

Connie H. of Circleville, Ohio purchased a Home Guardian for her father, Russell, last August 2014. Her worry lies in whether Russell would be able to press the button for emergencies because of his failing health. Luckily, Connie was informed about the special fall detection pendants, which could be triggered even if the person wearing it is unable to press the button.

On June 29, 2015, 87-year-old Russell experienced strange pangs in his chest. He was with his grandson, who pressed the medical alert pendant for help.

Russell’s grandson explained Russell’s condition and asked for EMTs to the operator. The operator mentioned the lockbox so that the EMTs could enter the house. He also informed Russell’s grandson that Russell kept his medical information on his refrigerator, just in case the EMTs would need it. Soon after, the ambulance came to help Russell avoid a major cardiovascular problem.

Quick Attention To Uncomfortable Chest Pains Averted Potential Heart Attack

On March 11, 2014, Evelyn, from Ewing, New Jersey, purchased an In-Home Cellular Base System with Fall Alert. It was an evening in late May 2014 that Evelyn felt an uncomfortable pressure in her chest. The following morning, the pressure turned into pain. Evelyn pressed the alert button and was immediately connected to Joel, a 911 operator.

Joel called for EMTs to help Evelyn. He was also able to give the code to Evelyn’s lockbox to the EMTs so that they could enter the house. Joel also called Peggy, Evelyn’s daughter, to inform her about her mother’s condition. Thanks to the In-Home Cellular Base System with Fall Alert, Evelyn was saved from a potential heart attack.

One of the advantages of having medical alert monitoring is that it makes contacting emergency services a lot easier. We sometimes hesitate to call for help even in dangerous situations, as we do not want to impose on others unnecessarily. With a medical alert button, the person at the other end of the line is trained and paid to help you or your loved ones.

Source: Medical Guardian’s website

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More About Medical Guardian

Medical Guardian is a recognized brand for medical alert products and services. The company provides a variety of systems to suit different consumer needs, ranging from standard home medical alert consoles, to portable mobile devices (eg. Mobile Guardian and Premium Guardian) and automatic fall detection buttons. To learn more, check out the full Medical Guardian review on our site.

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