How A Medical Guardian Alert System Foiled An Armed Robbery

Prior to becoming a Medical Guardian client, Steven H. was not really sure he needed it. He had recently relocated to a district in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where he shared a home with his sister and his nephew. A medical alert device was not something Steven felt he needed at the get-go due to the fact that he was living with other people.

However after numerous phone conversations with a Medical Guardian Life Safety Consultant, Steven was finally convinced to acquire a Mobile Guardian for himself. What unfolded was an unexpected but true story of how the device saved a family from an armed robbery. Life is full of surprises, and it seemed like Steven had a guardian angel looking out for him.


Wearing The Medical Alert Wristband

The medical alert button came in the form of a wristband which he received at the start of February. Even though he had activated the system, he had put off wearing the wristband until the evening of the 25th of February, 2015. This act of his would soon prove to be helpful in saving not only his life, but the lives of his two loved ones as well.

Shots Fired

On the evening of February 25, 2015, Steven, his sister and his nephew were all preparing to call it a night. Suddenly three burglars, each toting a firearm, entered the house. With their guns in hand, they fired a couple of warning shots as they demanded that the three hostages lie down on the floor. At this point, Steven pressed the button of his wristband. This alerted the system and soon a Medical Guardian emergency operator was heard through the device’s speaker box. Panicked and flustered, the burglars took off. Steven was then able to report the incident to the operator, who contacted the police for the terrorized family.

The emergency operator contacted the first person on Steven’s emergency contact list: his sister. Her mind was put at ease after having been informed that the police were en route to their location. Steven’s sister then put him back on the line with our operator so that he could provide further details.

Incident Recounted

As recounted by Steven, the burglars happened to be three young adults aged seventeen to twenty-one years old. They were dressed in hoodies; two of the men were armed with pistols while the other one had a shotgun. As soon as they forced their way into the house, they released gunshots as a form of warning the residents. They found Steven in his room and ordered him to lie on the ground. Afterwards, they began to ransack the house in search of money. With all the commotion going on, Steven’s sister and his nephew came to check on him but they were told to go to their own room and lie on the floor as well.

Pushing The Alert Button

This was when Steven took his chance and pushed the emergency button of his Mobile Guardian wristband. The Medical Guardian emergency operator’s voice was then heard on the speaker box, startling the burglars and causing them to flee. The police showed up while Steven was narrating all this to the operator. Their conversation was disconnected so that Steven would be able to make an entry into the police blotter.

The day following the attempted robbery, Medical Guardian Client Services Specialist Sharon K. was contacted by Steven. He expressed his thanks to Medical Guardian for furnishing him with the gadget that helped save his life and that of his family members. To top it all off, Steven was pleased to inform Sharon that two of the burglars had been apprehended.

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Final Comments

While unexpected, Steven H.’s story clearly demonstrates how a medical alert system could come in handy in dicey home invasion situation. Over the years, we’ve also come across numerous cases where these systems have successfully foiled robberies.

Keep in mind that these systems were not developed to foil home invasions, but the loud announcements coming through the device speakers could alarm the robbers and scare them into fleeing.

For more real life experiences with these systems, check out this blog post: Medical Guardian’s Real-Life Customer Stories and
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. These stories describe various episodes where using their Medical Guardian system allowed users to get help in health emergencies.

If this post makes you curious about Medical Guardian, it is a well-known leader amongst a new generation companies making the latest medical alert technologies available to consumers. You can see how it stands compared to other medical alert companies in this comparison chart.

The company provides both standard home medical alert consoles as well as portable mobile devices that work both in and out of the home. To learn more, check out the full Medical Guardian review on our site.

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