Simple Chair Yoga For Seniors Video

Sherry Zayk-Morris, an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT), holds weekly hour-long Chair Yoga classes for their community’s elders at the Yoga Vista Studios in Downtown Vista, California. This video brings to us thirty minutes of one such class. The energizing Chair Yoga exercises in the video are excellent for those […] Read more »

Fun Water Workouts for the Elderly

Exercise or other forms of physical activities are commonly shunned by elderly as they deem that they are too old for it. They usually underestimate their strength and settle for just being safe by spending their days sitting or lying on their beds. But as what studies say, workouts are […] Read more »

Encouraging Our Parents to Exercise

Lots of adult children of seniors find it difficult to persuade their parents to use a medical alert system. But depending on your parents’ personalities and physiological conditions, it can be equally difficult to broach the subject of exercising. Exercise can bring about various benefits, ranging from physical to emotional […] Read more »