LifeStation Mobile Emergency Button Video Review

LifeStation offers a Mobile Emergency Button or 911 phone. A video review of this product is now available. Relax and watch this video explain how the device works, along with insights on shopping for a medical alert system. Get Started with LifeStation’s Medical Alert Systems on their Official Website. Or […] Read more »

LifeStation Mobile Emergency Button (911 Phone) Review

The LifeStation Mobile Emergency Button is a simple cellular device with a speaker and microphone that calls 911 only. It works as a low cost supplement to LifeStation’s home medical alert system. If you are looking for the full LifeStation Review instead, please click here. If you are shopping for […] Read more »

Mobile Medical Alert Systems Guide

Mobile medical alert systems or mobile personal emergency response systems (MPERS) are portable cellular network based systems that provide senior users access to emergency monitoring help anywhere in or out of their homes. It is particularly helpful for seniors with active lifestyles. With additional cellular GPS tracking capabilities, monitoring agents […] Read more »