Woman BASE Jumps for 102nd Birthday

BASE or B.A.S.E. jumping is an extreme sport/stunt currently popular among locals and tourists in the USA. Jumpers can choose from four platforms from which they can jump: Buildings, Antenna Towers, Span (beams, bridges, etc.), and Earth (cliffs), hence the acronym BASE. As far as common knowledge is concerned, extreme sports are not meant for the faint of heart, let alone the elderly. However Dorothy Custer, aged 102, says otherwise.

Dorothy and her family went BASE jumping off the Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls, Idaho, as a birthday present for this lively, healthy senior. Now, extreme sports and elderly people rarely come together in the same sentence, right?

This video shows the tandem jump between a professional BASE jumper and Dorothy, who also happily shares the key to a long life: “I never thought of age. I just went on living, and having a good time,” she states. “I don’t think of age right now.” Watching this clip gave a few of us here a glimpse of how interesting things can be with a life-embracing attitude! Kudos to the 102-year-old healthy senior Dorothy.


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