Live Raw Author Mimi Kirk: 76 and Healthy

Author and speaker Mimi Kirk shares her reasons on how her raw food diet has made her strong after 7 decades of life. At 76, she is full or energy and prescription-free. This video was hot by the Veggie Channel and set against the bustling background of Milan, Italy. Mimi shares that she avoids processed foods. These are industrial foods made by corporations and manufactured in large quantities, with ingredients that are dubious to eat. She testifies that what makes her strong and healthy after all these years is raw food. If you have any interest in getting on a good diet or are curious about a raw food diet, this is a great video introduction.

In addition, Mimi urges people to avoid drugs and medication along with eating healthy food. Eating right can be an important determinant towards achieving vigor and strength as we live out our senior years. This is an informative video advising us to start eating healthy.

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