Grandma Skydives at 91

Many of us are too fearful to even look down from a 10-storey window, yet 91-year-old Marie (Grammie) Kimmey decided to jump out of a plane with her family members out of sheer curiosity and the excitement of it. Grammie got the idea after watching George Bush Sr. skydive for his 90th birthday. So much for a fun, easy family weekend!

In this video, Grammie, an energetic and healthy senior, shows us how thrill and excitement is not limited by age. People can still be adventurous and try new things out only if they want to. This is seen by her utmost happiness to experience something she hasn’t been able to before which is, in her case, skydiving.

When asked how she felt right before they boarded the plane, Grammie smoothly replies, “I feel good about it, I’m real calm,” with a casual shrug. Now, some people might be all pale and squirmy if asked at that moment, but not Grammie! Watch the video and see how her gripping jump turned out.


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