For Okinawans, Aging Is A Treasure

Dr. Andrew Weil, an acclaimed medical doctor, teacher, and author of holistic health, examines in this video the diet and lifestyle of the residents of the tropical paradise of Okinawa, located at the south of Japan. Okinawans apparently have an impressive life-expectancy rate and as compared to the rest of the Japanese, have discrete culture and lifestyle.

Dr. Weil recalls how amazed he was visiting the island with all its beauty, cleanliness and brilliance. He particularly wanted to provide an answer for the astonishing amount of healthy senior citizens who reach 100 years in the area. He discusses a number of possible causes such as what he describes as their “ultimate rainbow diet,” and their obvious regard for physical activity. He also takes notice of how the people respect the elderly and how the seniors themselves are proud and happy with their age.

Watch Dr. Weil as he recalls his experiences visiting this wonderful island, whose residents are filled with utmost happiness and radiance, and learn from their culture the role of optimism and contentment in achieving a long, healthy life.

Closer home, Mimi Kirk is 76 yet healthy and full of life force energy. According to her, a raw food diet has allowed her to keep her health and vitality.


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