Ancient Wisdom from China’s Longevity Village

DF7D Train 2304.jpgGuangxi, China
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In the idyllic Bama county in southern Guangxi, China, there is a place known as the “Longevity Village”. It has a population of 250,000, most of whom belong to the Yao ethnic group. This population includes 70 centenarians and 200 people in their 90s, making it among the highest per capita concentrations of elders in the world. If that wasn’t enough, most elders still work in the fields even over the age of a hundred.

The village also boasts breathtaking scenery, flowing rivers, and limestone mountains. Fresh mountain air of this rural countryside is one of the things that residents associate with their good health. The centenarians also agree that the fresh corn, potatoes and vegetables that they grow themselves all have to do with their longevity.

One woman, the 113-year-old Huang Xi Ping, shows us her coffin. In the village, it is customary to ready a coffin at the age of 60 “as a wish for long life.” However, if a close friend or relative passes away first, they get to use the coffin instead. Huang Xi Ping says that the one in her room is her fourth.

Medical alert systems can provide assurance that someone is there to help when a senior has fallen or meet with an emergency. However, it is really a tool to help the elderly, and no way be a replacement for good health. Keeping our bodies healthy will allow us to enjoy a good quality of life no matter what our age is.

There are many centenarians in the Longevity Village in China.

Incidentally, according to the CDC, more and more seniors are living past the age of 100 in the US. This amazing lady just created a new world record for running the 100 meters race in the 100+ age category.

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