99-Year-Old Former Dance Teacher Helps Seniors Stay Fit

In this video, Liesel, a 99 year old trainer, is shown teaching exercises to those who are above 60. She has been teaching people at the gym for the past 77 years! Her will and strength to carry on as a trainer is incredible at this age.

Length 6:09

In this video, she shares some memories of her early life when taught in Germany as the last Jewish girl who later on became a dance teacher in the gym. She recalls that her first students were children. Then afterwards she worked with the mothers and now she works with the grandmothers, she adds that with a grin on her face.

Here, she shows a few simple exercises with a stick in the hand, later without, while remaining seated in a chair. Being a truly inspirational figure, anyone who says ‘I am too old to workout’ may be positively influenced by her enthusiasm.

That said, before starting any exercise program, please check with your doctor that it will be OK.

These are some other interesting gentle exercise ideas for seniors: Sitting Yoga Exercises For Hips Ankles And Knees.

If you’ve spent some time on this site, you will realize that even though we report on medical alert systems and various elderly fall management and detection products, we always encourage readers and their parents to stay healthy and fit. Technology can help improve our lives and lower the risks of medical complications, but having a healthy body and sound mind is the true treasure when it comes to enjoying a free and independent lifestyle.

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