Healthy Woman Who Walks Steep Hill Daily Turns 90

Helen Didonato is a woman from South Kingstown, Rhode Island who has turned 90. She serves as an inspiration to her four children, seven grandchildren, and four great grandchildren for having such a healthy lifestyle and living up to her age.

Helen cheerfully shares her secret in this video: she does a number of activities to keep herself active as well as physically and mentally fit such as going bowling on Tuesdays, raking the leaves on their property, and doing a variety of daily chores such as walking the steep hill of their neighborhood, rain or shine. Whenever the weather would act up, she would go on her bike instead just to keep her routine. Her enthusiasm is what her daughters are most proud about.

Watching this video would inspire many people to begin caring for their health. Whether it be a simple task from walking the dog to taking the stairs more often than riding elevators. Helen, this dynamic, healthy senior, is sharing with everyone the importance of being physically-active in promoting overall well-being.


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