110-year-old Man’s Advice For Long Life

Bernando LaPallo of Maisa, Arizona turned 114 last year (110 at the time of the video) and has, according to him, never been sick a day in his life.

His father was a doctor who gave him loads of advice that he credits for his long life. This wisdom is the sort of common sense you’d hear from health magazines, but is also backed up with time and experience. After all, Bernando’s father lived up to 98 years old himself.

Following his father’s advice, Bernando takes morning walks and exercises his intellect through reading, crossword puzzles and checkers.

However, the advice that he attributes most to long life is food. LaPallo believes in the old adage “you are what you eat.” He avoids red meat and processed foods. That means there are no hotdogs, french fries or other junk food in his diet.

The five foods that he considers his secrets to long life are garlic, honey, cinnamon, olive oil and, many will be thankful to hear, chocolate. These foods, incidentally, are each widely associated with an array of health benefits.

Watch the video and hear for yourself Bernando LaPallo’s advice to staying active and perceptive even at 110.

As we’ve mentioned before on MedicalAlertSystemsHQ.com, a medical alert system can provide seniors living independently on their own the assurance of getting quickly when they meet with emergencies. However, a button device is no substitute for good health and an alert mind.

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