Seniors Fall Prevention & Fitness Program Highlights (Catholic Charities of Santa Clara)

About 1 in 3 seniors over the age of 65 suffer from falling each year. Once a senior falls, it can lead to serious injuries like bone fractures that affect their long term health and the ability to live independently. One way that the elderly can prevent falls, minimize the risks of falling down, or to minimize whatever impact a fall may have, is to keep their bodies fit.

Below is a video on the Seniors Fall Prevention & Fitness program from the Catholic Charities of Santa Clara. There are lots of senior exercises demonstrated. It shows a group of elderly women participating and following along doing the exercises. Some are in their 90s!

I believe language spoken on the video is Vietnamese, which I don’t understand. Regardless, it’s easy to learn the exercises demonstrated. I didn’t realize we can do so much just sitting on a chair. It’s also encouraging to see a group of elderly ladies taking steps to help themselves and having fun along the way.

Fall Prevention Products Guide MASHQ

Falls can be immediately debilitating. After a fall, many seniors have trouble getting up on their own and receiving proper medical attention. The chances of recovering well and minimizing the risks of future implications improves if they can get help as soon as possible. That’s one reason why many seniors have medical alarm systems installed at home. These systems allow them speak to a trained emergency alert agent and get the help they need by pressing an SOS button.

Check out more fall prevention tips on ways to prevent falls for seniors at home.

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