New Technology Enables Body Suit To Protect Bones From Fractures

Armourgel is one of the latest inventions designed to reduce the cases of fractured bones, especially among the elderly population suffering from osteoporosis. Frequent falls and inability to maintain balance is one of the most common cases of fractures bones among them. As such, the development of the Armourgel — a smart material that absorbs the energy of the fall so that it won’t reverberate to the sensitive and fragile bone—can significantly aid the elderly to live without much fear.

The Armourgel is a combination of two materials that absorbs impact with its energy-absorbing property. Essentially, this synergy of the two materials creates the ‘smart’ function of the Armourgel as it is a soft and fluid material enabling movement without rigidity but it hardens when contact is initiated. It answers to the needs of the elderly without necessary making them feel uncomfortable.

According to the video, they are requesting a grant of £85000 to further develop the production of the Armourgel. It is a slick and necessary invention that acts to prevent rather than cure the tendencies of injury among the elderly. With this material, the elderly community can live their lives without anxiety and distress of not being able to do the things they want just because of fear of falling.

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