Fall Prevention Tips For Patients & Seniors

Here is a short video packed with tips on fall prevention for patients, including seniors, a group that is susceptible to the risk falling. It was made for a hospital room situation with adjustable beds, but many of the tips can translate to a home care or nursing environment. The video explains tips related to bed placements, removing litter and stray cords, transferring a senior to a wheelchair, the use of walkers and other aids, and more.

Besides the tips presented here, this video may have sparked your awareness on how to prevent falls from happening in your home situation. You may also find these articles helpful: Seniors Fall Prevention & Fitness Program Highlights, Swimming Can Help To Prevent Senior Falls (New Study) and Fall Prevention Products For The Elderly.

For seniors who spend a lot of time their own, having a home medical alert system can allow seniors who have fallen to easily get help. A description about these system can be found in this article: An Introduction To Monitored Medical Alert Systems.

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