Successful Aging Advice From 93-Year-Old Senior

In this video, a dynamic 93-year old bodybuilder and speaker Charles Eugster discusses successful aging. In short, he ascribes it to work, diet and exercise. The video begins with some reminders on the current state of health around the world. Already, 26% of Americans are obese. Obesity can cause heart disease, diabetes and cancer. 10% of the world’s population suffer from diabetes. It is reaching pandemic proportions. In obesity, the pre-frontal part of the brain shrinks. Do we really want to have shrinking brains?

Besides working out our bodies and eating well, Dr Eugster has some interesting opinions on the importance of work, and the danger of early retirement. He is especially convincing because of his age and what he has done. Some commenters mentioned that staying in a job that is boring and emotionally draining is not a good thing. That is true, but Dr Eugster probably referred to work as something that engages person in a emotionally healthy manner.

For many seniors, keeping mentally active and exercising is a great way for the body to maintain its vigor and strength. While medical alarms and aging in place technologies can enable the elderly to live independently and safely, these technologies are not a replacement for what Dr Eugster has described – work, diet and exercise. These factors could make independent living more alive and enjoyable.

Elsewhere on this blog, we described how upcoming new technologies like self-driving cars, and robots that help seniors get up after a fall, seniors can more easily get their needs met if they desire to live independently on their own. For readers who are interested, we have also blogged about low impact physical activities that could be suitable for seniors.



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