Sitting Yoga Exercises For Hips Ankles And Knees

In this video, Michelle Rubin teaches viewers yoga on the hips, ankles and knees. These exercises are also helpful to seniors with limited mobility as these are all done while sitting in a chair! Michelle teaches hip and knee stretching exercises that strengthen the joints and increase mobility.

Length 19:29

This video was shot outdoors in beautiful Victoria, Canada, so the viewers can enjoy the open scenery as well as learn healthy exercises. In the video, she provides safety tips so that those who are following her steps would not hurt themselves. She urges viewers to be calm and patient as one can only gain strength and flexibility with time.

Michelle provides information with every exercise as to how it is helping our bodies to become more mobile and strong. She advises to take occasional breaks instead of fatiguing ourselves.

Watch her complete video to learn all these wonderful exercises that will help build strength and increase mobility of all parts of the body, especially hips, knees and ankles. For more exercises, here is another video on Chair Yoga.

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