Simple Chair Yoga For Seniors Video

Sherry Zayk-Morris, an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT), holds weekly hour-long Chair Yoga classes for their community’s elders at the Yoga Vista Studios in Downtown Vista, California. This video brings to us thirty minutes of one such class.

The energizing Chair Yoga exercises in the video are excellent for those who want the benefits of exercise, but have limitations in mobility, balance or flexibility, or even for those who simply want to go slow and not dive into intense cardiovascular workouts or extreme yoga poses. This, of course, includes senior citizens, who may be experiencing changes in their body as a result of aging.

The exercises use a common household chair, which provides a sturdy extra base of support that helps avoid falls particularly during the standing poses.

Zayk-Morris guides us through the exercises with both actions and verbal descriptions of the movements, telling us what to feel for and what to look out for. This is great a video for any senior looking to discover light exercises they can do to stay active. Regular activities to flex the body’s muscles can help to lessen the risk of falls for the elderly.

Watch as Zayk-Morris takes us through a series of exercises to warm up, improve balance and flexibility and, most importantly, expand our energy levels at any age.

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