Premium Guardian Medical Alert Saves Lives Just-In-Time

If you are looking for a good medical alert device and not quite sure which ones to consider, you can learn a lot about the top companies and products through our site. One advanced device that is getting a lot of good reviews is the Premium Guardian. It is an all-in-one mobile alert device. Here are two real-life examples of how the device has worked for two senior ladies:

Switched To Premium Guardian Just-In-Time

Deborah from Houston, TX was looking for a medical alert company that could provide her and her sister with reliable emergency monitoring services. Before she switched to Medical Guardian, she was using a different medical alert service that failed to work when an emergency occurred. Deborah’s sister was suffering a stroke, and Deborah pressed her SOS button to call for help. To her dismay, the system was unable to provide a connection to someone for help.

After this experience, she knew she needed to find another medical alert company. This proved to be a good move as the next emergency was to come in a few months.

After speaking with Michael, one of Medical Guardian’s Life Safety Consultants, Deborah was reassured of our top-rated service. She couldn’t take any risks anymore as she already fell twice and broken her wrist and femur. She knew she needed the best protection. She decided to get a Premium Guardian medical alert device, which she could use both at home or whenever she was out and about.

Another advantage was that calls would be directly routed through her Premium Guardian, and she would be able to speak directly through the pendant in case of an emergency.

A few months later, Deborah found that her blood sugar has fallen to a really low level one day. She is diabetic so she took a couple of glucose tablets which did not help her. She still did not feel better. Deborah called for help and was immediately connected to an emergency monitoring agent very quickly. EMTs were dispatched and the monitoring agent also called Deborah’s daughter, Kristin who lived nearby. This allowed Deborah to receive the care that she needed.

Later on, Deborah called Medical Guardian thank them. She said, “I’ve been so happy with Medical Guardian. I wanted to say thank you because Medical Guardian is the real deal and really works!”

Premium Guardian Saved Her Mother’s Life

Sara is in her eighties and living in Florida. She was looking into medical alert devices because the rate of falls was high amongst the elderly, and she also wanted to ensure that there would be someone to help her in case of emergencies.

After speaking with a Medical Guardian consultant, she decided to get the Premium Guardian as well. This gave her the freedom to use it anywhere, both in and out of her home. In addition, it allowed her to speak directly through the pendant. When she bought the service, she was at peace having the medical device with her, but she never expected she would use it right away.

Medical Guardian’s emergency operators got a call from her daughter-in-law just a day after she activated the device. Sara was in pain and couldn’t walk. Help was sent right away and Sara was brought to the hospital, where she was admitted for bronchitis and severe dehydration.

After a week, Sara’s daughter called to say thank the folks at Medical Guardian. In her words, “The Premium Guardian saved my mother’s life!”

Medical Guardian is a top-rated medical alert company. Besides their classic home medical alert system, the company also offers a “no phone line needed” system and mobile systems that work both in and out the home. To learn more, check out this full Medical Guardian review. To speak with one of their Life Safety Consultants, please call toll-free 1-866-260-2696.

In Oct 2017, Medical Guardian replaced the Premium Guardian with a similar but more advanced mobile product called the Active Guardian.

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