Paths to Healthy Aging – Insights From A Stanford Geriatrician

Paths to Healthy Aging” is new book by geriatrician and medical professor Mehrdad Ayati MD. The book has received good reviews from readers wanting to learn more about ways seniors can enhance their physical and mental health and continue to enjoy life, even as they grow older. The author Dr Ayati offers lots of insights based on his practice with treating geriatric patients the Stanford Medical Center and Veteran’s Administration hospital in Palo Alto. His work focuses on preventive and comprehensive health care. Dr Ayati also serves as assistant professor in the Stanford School of Medicine.

The book is co-authored by Dr Ayati’s wife, Arezou Azarami. She has a Ph.D. in Psychology. The work they compiled together includes the latest research on geriatric medicine, exercise, and nutrition. It ultimately emphasizes healthy life choices.

Ayati believes that choosing healthy living is just as important as the latest modern day pharmaceutical medicine. Being mindful about our daily living habits will help sustain a person’s physical and mental health. One’s daily living should include a balanced diet, social interactivity, regular exercise, and other stimulating as well as creative activities. The common ills that healthy choices can prevent include frailty, sleep disorders, depression, and high blood pressure.

Ayati is an advocate of simplicity with regard to anyone’s exercise and diet. He is also a strong believer in keeping things affordable. For instance, he does not recommend going to gyms with costly memberships or taking on overly exhausting exercise regiments. He rather recommends any workout that people can enjoy so much that they keep doing it over again.

Misdiagnosis, the author observes, may lead to “drug cascade syndromes.” This occurs when medicines are used to treat the side effects of other medications. The book also covers the problems associated with over medication. The authors draw from their experience with patients suffering from the ill effects of drugs they never really needed. Readers can discover tips on how seniors can find a suitable geriatrician in the final chapter of Dr Ayati’s book. To learn more, catch this free 30 minute interview with Dr Mehrdad Ayati.

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