New Speedo Ad Features Elderly Swimmer In His 90s

92-year-old Masters Swimmer Jurgen Schmidt shares his passion for swimming with everyone in a new TV ad Speedo. Scmidt is a Huntington Beach California retiree who despite his age, still swims regularly. He is a retired meatpacking company comptroller and was 91 when the “Fueled by Water” Speedo ad was filmed. His advice to everyone who wants to stay fit and healthy: “Don’t be afraid to get in the water.”

The latest star of a Speedo ad is a retired employee of a meatpacking company and will be celebrating his 92nd birthday next month. Schmidt was interviewed by USA TODAY and he says he takes care of his 86 year old wife with Azheimer’s. He also said that he does not much care of the short-lived fame and talk show invites that will come with his new commercial. What’s important is how he can inspire people to follow their passions in life.

He begins his day by swimming early with his 77 year old friend. He also jokes about how he can beat his friend in a swimming race despite the difference in their age.

Swimming is a great exercise if you can do it. In one recent study, it was found that seniors who swam had a lower risk of falling down.

There have been many cases of seniors who take part in active sports in their 90s. Check out these other blog posts : Active 93-Year-Old Offers Advice on Aging and 100 Years Old Woman Sets 100M Record.

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