Medical Alert Systems: Some Seniors Still Resist It

Above is a short video that explains what medical alert systems are, and who its for. Even though some seniors resist it, it doesn’t undermine the importance of the device. This was an interview broadcasted on the Lifetime TV network, with an executive working at Alert1, a well-established medical alert company.

Besides going through the main gist of how these home personal emergency systems work, the video also touches on how our parents may resist wearing one of these buttons. It’s especially interesting because the interviewee actually works as a senior executive for a medical alert company, and it still took her 5 months to get her father on board with using the product.

As she tells it, she was concerned about the importance of being ready, “just in case.” On the show, she mentioned that 1 in 3 seniors 65+ (not 85+!) fall every year, but the survival rate is as high as 95% if they are found and helped within an hour. This percentage quickly drops if the wait for help becomes longer than a few hours.

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