Living And Learning With Enthusiasm At 89

Barbara Lyon is an 89-year-old yoga instructor. In this movie by Lee Glickstein, she shares enthusiastically how she loves to play the harmonica but people make fun of her. She used to play the guitar and sing but now her voice cracks up so she could not continue with it.

Length 9:10

She follows a busy working schedule from Mondays to Thursdays, teaching meditation and yoga. At 89, it seems incredible that she could still be performing yoga. She shares how she loved dancing but could not continue with it as she had hurt her back quite seriously.

She’s also overcoming the challenge of arthritis. When told to take four aspirins a day to overcome her pains, she refused to take that much medication. She tried several working routines until she found out about yoga. This video shows some easy to follow yoga poses for seniors which are especially helpful to those with a backache or arthritis.

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