Lively: Time To Think Differently About Medical Alert Systems

Lively safety watch
In today’s post, we are spotlighting a new company called Lively with an innovative emergency response and safety monitoring watch device.

Update 4/1/2016: The Lively company was acquired by Great Call in Dec 2015. In April 2016, a new product called the Great Call Lively is expected to be launched. There is more information in this post.

Wearable medical alert devices are well suited for anyone who may feel vulnerable to accidents and falls or, more generally, having a strong desire to feel more confident of their personal security. But, while today’s digital technology offers tremendous promise to feel safer as well as manage one’s health and wellness, consumers must want to wear the device they choose to stay protected without complicated tech savvy to work it.

Until most recently, products like the neck pendants of the 1980s sometimes spent more time on the bed stand than on people. The good news, however, is that consumers now can take advantage of more appealing and effective choices.

Introducing Lively

Consider Lively ( – its stylish safety watch for 24/7 medical alert response is redefining what people should expect for a personal emergency response device. Available for $49.95 upfront with pay-as-you-go plans starting at $27.95 a month for ongoing service, Lively’s product keeps its customers healthy and safe in style. That’s because it’s available in 10 different color combinations with a modern, fashionable design to encourage more consistent use (in stark contrast to outdated styled products).

Summoning Emergency Help

The Lively safety watch features a one-press button that alerts a live operator for emergency help when it’s needed Monitoring help is provided by a 24/7 USA-based, CSAA Five Diamond 100% Operator Certified Central Station. The live operator will be calling on the user by phone to determine what type of help they need. Keep in mind that this differs from a traditional home medical alert system where a two-way phone connection is automatically established when the SOS pendant button is pressed. But, the benefit is that other emergency contacts can be called to confirm that emergency services are needed, or help is automatically dispatched.

Medication Reminders & More

Lively’s safety watch also is equipped with missed medication reminders, a pedometer that counts daily steps, and a digital or analog time display. Furthermore, Lively’s new safety watch is simple for anyone to use and does not require any computer skill or home internet connection. It uses an in-home hub with built-in cellular network connectivity to offer emergency response coverage up to 1,500 feet around the home or yard. In the next month, Lively’s safety watch also can be paired with an Android smartphone for its help button to dispatch emergency services beyond the home as well.

And finally, Lively also includes passive activity sensors for use around the home that measure healthy living patterns and give family members insight when something may be amiss, like missed meals or decreased physical activity. When a daily routine pattern shifts, Lively notifies a designated circle of family members and caregivers via email, text message or its mobile app.

Now, the measure of any good medical alert product isn’t necessarily offering more for technology’s sake. It’s about solving a problem — simply. A product like Lively strives to be worn more regularly with features that are compelling for everyday use. Plus, there’s the added benefit of saying “good-bye” to everything you dislike about the stigma and limitation of medical alert devices. Perhaps it’s time to think differently about medical alert products that can help.

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