Happiness as Told by Lady Centenarian

What really is happiness and how can an aging individual find it? In this video, a 105-year-old lady, Jessie Jordan, shares to us her wisdom and how she achieved happiness as she reached beyond a century of life.

In early 2016, the CDC released results from a study that showed an increase in number of centenarians in the US over the past decade and more. The study looked at data over a 14 year period from 2000 to 2014.

Jessie shares that living out beyond a century feels different, but there is one thing that kept her happy and positive all through these years — having peace in her heart. For Jessie, to have peace means to forgive, and to forgive means to be forgiven. Her faith in God has been the totem of her happiness and she maintains that relationship through the years.

In celebrating her 105th birthday, her family is one of the main reasons of her lively personality and surely one of her sources of happiness. It is certainly marvelous to see and watch Jessie and to listen about what she has to say because it is a perspective on life that is ripened by experience. We can learn something from her.

A medical alert button could provide assurance and help seniors live and their family members live with more peace of mind. It could allow seniors to live independently and therefore bring about more reason for happiness. However, this is just a technical device. After watching Jessie’s comments, one can’t help but feel that real joy and happiness is something the flows from somewhere inside us.

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