Great Call Splash GPS Device 2015 Holiday Offer

With the Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2015 sale and holiday period, it’s a good time to consider purchasing the Great Call Splash urgent response device. Till Dec 26, 2015, there is a 25% off sale for all Great Call devices. Shipping is free as well. Whether you are interested in the Great Call Mobile Urgent Response device, or Jitterbug senior cell phones with medical alert features, these are all being discounted 25% off for a limited window of time.

UPDATE 2017 – The Splash has been superseded by a newer Great Call medical alert device called the Lively.

Here’s a quick look at how the Great Call Splash works:

If you need more details, check out our review video here: Great Call Splash Mobile Urgent Response Device Video Review

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2015 weekend 50% off sale is for all their devices (ended). This includes the Jitterbug Smartphone, Jitterbug Flip Phone and Splash mobile button device. The 50% off sale has ended, but there is a 25% off sale till Dec 26, 2015.

Check out Great Call’s Official Website here, or check out the full Great Call Splash Review. UPDATE: Check the new Great Call medical alert device – Lively alert.

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The Great Call Splash 5Star Urgent Response device is a mobile alert device with GPS. Many readers have been concerned about getting protection for their parents or themselves not just inside the home, but also out of the home.

The Great Call mobile urgent response pendant has been in the market for several years and has been getting great feedback from customers. It is not perfect, but it has accumulated a good base of users with lots of positive feedback.

It is a small, handy waterproof device with a built-in two-way speakerphone. With one main button on the front, the device is easy to use. Seniors can press the button in case of emergencies, or even for non-emergency situations, if they need someone to provide help (eg. getting directions or talking to a nurse).

A detailed Great Call Splash video review is available here.

In June 2014, the company released the current version, known as the Great Call Splash. The current version is waterproof and comes with optional fall detection monitoring, which compares well with other similar products. A lot of elderly falls occur in bathrooms and showers, and being able to have the emergency alert device around in wet conditions is an important feature.

Beside the Great Call Splash 5Star Urgent Response device, the company also offers cell phones with SOS button features. Some seniors find it easier to just use a cell phone since they are already used to it. Instead of a normal cell phone, these phones come with enhanced medical alert like features and more. You can learn more here: Jitterbug Phones info.

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Disclosure: We receive referrals commissions for purchases made (details).

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