Great Call Lively Mobile Alert GPS Device Introduction

lively-alert-front-1000pxGreat Call has introduced the new Lively device as of July 29th, 2016. This is a small and lightweight GPS mobile alert button device. When an emergency occurs, seniors and other customers can quickly connect and speak with a Great Call 5Star urgent response agent by pressing the device’s button. The Lively is meant for use both in and out of the home. It is the successor to the Great Call Splash, and incorporates all features of the Splash while being smaller and lighter.

Note: The Lively was originally named the Lively Alert in July 2016. This article has been updated to reflect it’s new name since Nov 2016.

The Splash has already been widely adopted as a mPERS (mobile personal emergency response) device by legions of seniors and other users. As the Splash’ successor with all the features that the Splash has, and more, Great Call appears confident that the Lively alert device will become a leading mPERS solution for seniors and others. Here’s an article and chart that compares the Splash to the Lively.

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What the Lively is

The Lively alert device is a small waterproof help button device that can be worn around the neck with a lanyard or clipped to a purse or belt (wristband to be added). It is similar in concept to a traditional home medical alert button, but offers a lot more features as we will cover in this article. Medical alert buttons allow seniors and other subscribers the ability to call for help easily whenever emergencies occur. You may remember old advertising by Life Alert where a senior who has fallen and has difficulty getting up on her own.

Another related product is the Lively Wearable wristband or pendant that pairs up with a smartphone. Compared to the Lively Wearable, the Lively is a dedicated standalone mobile alert button that carries its own speakerphone for two-way communications. The Lively Wearable can be touched to activate the senior subscriber’s cell phone to call the emergencies monitoring center.

Product Features & Highlights

Great Call markets it’s product as “more than a medical alert,” possibly because it comes with an extensive bundle of features. Consider the following:

Feature Description & Benefit
Small Lightweight Button With a height of 2.19″, width of 1.6″, depth of 0.63″ and weight of 1.41 oz, this is the smallest and lightest iteration of Great Call’s mobile alert devices. The previous version is called the Splash.
Waterproof Can worn in showers or used in baths
Mobile Device with Speakerphone The mobile device is not tethered to any home base unit in order to work. It can work at home or far away
24/7 5 Star Urgent Response Monitoring US-based IAED (International Academies of Emergency Dispatch) Certified 5Star Agents are ready to assist their customers anytime day or night
Bluetooth connectivity For better communications and sharing of the senior or user’s activity or health data.
Urgent Care Hotline 24/7 access to speak with a live registered nurse or a doctor. Service includes prescriptions by phone when necessary.
GreatCall Link app Sharing of senior customer’s activity data and location
Fall Detection Fall sensing technology is included in the Lively alert device. Option to have this monitoring added with extra monthly fees.
GPS Tracking Ability to tell where the senior user or customer is based on GPS locations accuracy. This location information can be shared with authorized other users like family members or caregivers.
What’s Included in Package Lively alert device, Charging Cradle, Lanyard, Accessory Clip (clip to handbag, pocket or belt).
Pacemaker Wearers Beware Pacemaker and defibrillator wearers, and others with implanted medical devices should be consult with their physician before using a device like the Lively Alert. The various technologies (eg. GPS, cellular) inside the Lively Alert could conflict with the functioning of their pacemaker and other implanted medical devices.

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How it Operates

The Lively button is a mobile alert device and works both in and out of the home. The button device is the main piece of equipment. It houses the help button, speaker, microphone and GPS tracking technology. The Alert device also comes with it’s own cellular phone connection for initiating alert calls to the monitoring center. This connection works separately from the customer’s cell phone subscription (monthly charges apply). The package comes with a charging cradle for charging up the device.

When an emergency occurs, the senior or device subscriber can press the help button to initiate an alarm call. The call is quickly routed to a trained emergency Great Call 5-Star Urgent Response agent who will then assist the customer in need. This could include contacting the customer’s family members, doctors or other caregivers; as well as sending out emergency first responders to help the customer. You can read the full Lively Mobile Urgent Response Device Review to learn more.

Compared to the Great Call Splash

Great Call has been providing mobile alert devices to seniors and other consumers since 2011. It began with the 5 Star Urgent Response device in 2011, followed by the Splash device in 2014. The Lively is Great Call’s third generation mobile alert device. It incorporates all the features that we have found in the Splash, such as being mobile, having GPS tracking, being waterproof and having fall detection sensing.

The Lively demonstrates improvement over the previous generation device (ie. the Splash) in two main areas. Firstly, the new Lively Alert is smaller and lighter. The Lively is 2.19 inches vertically, compared to the old Splash at 2.9 inches vertically. The above image show how they look side-by-side.

Another area of improvement the new Lively product has compared to the Splash is that it features Bluetooth connectivity. This facilitates future syncing and sharing of health and activity data between the senior user or device user and their family members or caregivers. For more information, please check this article: Great Call Lively And Splash Comparison: Which is Better?

Final Thoughts

Great Call is entrenching itself as a leader in the connected health marketplace through it’s introduction of the Lively mobile alert device. This new generation device not only has a proven predecessor, it comes with a comprehensive bundle of features that seniors find useful in a mobile alert product. The inclusion of Bluetooth connectivity allows it to extend its data capture and sharing capabilities in cutting-edge unimaginable ways.

Visit the Official Great Call Website to Get Started. Before you buy online, you will be prompted to type in your zipcode to confirm coverage.

Note: Online sign-up is currently disabled for mobile devices like tablets and iPads, but works on computers (Eg. Macs, PCs, Laptops). Sorry for the inconveniences.

Disclosure: We receive referral compensation for purchases made (see details).

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While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this review, the information is supplied without warranties of any kind. We advise all readers to do careful due diligence before purchasing. Take time to visit the company’s website and speak with their representatives.

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  1. Paula says:

    My mother has the Splash now and would like something lighter. She is also looking for a wristband. Can you help us?

    • Medical Alert Systems HQ says:

      Is the weight of the Splash borderline OK with your mother? If it is, the new Lively Alert pendant feels slightly lighter (it’s 20% lighter). Great Call says wristbands are coming soon for the Lively Alert. The lightest alert buttons are those the do not include a speaker and mic inside (example). They are commonly available with wristbands. Hope this helps, Lena

  2. Isabel Tellez says:

    Do you need a specific cell phone company to use this alert system such as Verizon?

    • Medical Alert Systems HQ says:

      This works separately from any cell phone subscription. The Lively Alert comes with its own cellular connection service through a major network (probably Verizon). You can check the coverage here (scroll down to the map and type in your zipcode).

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