Great Call Lively Alert And Splash Comparison: Which is Better?

The Lively Alert is smaller and lighter than the Splash.

The Lively Alert is smaller and lighter than the Splash.

At the end of July 2016, Great Call released the Lively Alert mobile urgent response device for seniors and other users seeking an mPERS (mobile personal emergency response) solution. The Lively Alert is a new generation mobile alert that replaces Great Call’s popular Splash alert button device. On first look, both are rectangular shaped small devices, but the Lively Alert is smaller and comes with an improved look and feel. In this article, we compare more closely the similarities and differences between the old Splash and the new Lively Alert.

Lively Alert & Splash Comparison Chart

Lively Alert Splash
lively-alert-medical-alert-side-view-100px Great Call Splash 5 Star Urgent Response device
Dimensions 2.19″ (H) by 1.6″ (W) by 0.63″ (D) 2.9″ (H) by 1.7″ (W) by 0.7″ (D)
Weight 1.41 oz 1.8 oz
Waterproof Yes, IPX7 Rated Yes, IPX7 Rated
Mobile (works in an out of the home) Yes Yes
GPS Yes Yes
Bluetooth Yes No
Reviews Full Review Full Review


Lively Alert is 35% Smaller & Weighs 20% Less the Splash

Compared to the Splash, the smaller size of the Lively Alert makes it easier to carry around or wear around the neck with a lanyard. The length and width are noticeably smaller, while the thickness is not visibly different. You can check the official measurements in the comparison chart above. The sizing difference is more apparent than the weight difference, although the Lively Alert is also lighter.

At 1.4 oz, it’s 20% lighter than the older Splash. Neither devices are as light as a standard home medical alert pendant that does not have it’s own in-device speakerphone; and therefore weighs under 0.5 oz typically. Mobile buttons like the Lively Alert include a speaker and microphone to facilitate two-way communications both in and out of the home.

For a more in-depth look, check out the full Lively Alert Mobile Urgent Response Device Review.

Both Work Nationwide

Like the Splash, the Lively Alert works through a high quality nationwide cellular network. This means that both are equally good in the area of coverage. They will work anywhere that their network’s cell phone signals are strong enough.

To confirm product coverage in your area, Click Here and Scroll Down to the Purple Map near the bottom. Alternatively, you will be prompted to confirm that there is coverage in your area as you go through the Buy Now purchase process.

Lively Alert Retains Significant Features of the Splash

The Lively Alert has all the significant features found in the Splash device. Features like being lightweight and waterproof, having a built-in spearkerphone, 24/7 US-Based urgent response monitoring, GPS locations tracking and fall detection sensing (additional service cost) are all part of the new Lively Alert product package. A Lively Alert preferred subscription will provide access to an Urgent Care Hotline staffed with nurses and doctors, and use of the GreatCall Link app.

Like the Splash, it can be worn with a lanyard or clipped to a keychain. The wristband is coming soon.

Same Prices

The Lively Alert has the same pricing as the Splash. The device retails for $49.99, plus a monthly fee of $19.99 (24/7 Emergencies Alert Monitoring), $24.99 (with Great Call Link App, Urgent Care Line) or $34.99 (All features from lower level plans, plus Fall Detection). There’s also a $35 activation fee to get started, just like with the Splash.

Bluetooth Connectivity

While the inclusion of Bluetooth connectivity for the Lively does not have immediate benefits for users, it allows for better capturing and sharing of data from other devices in the future. For example, the Lively Alert device could conceivably be used to capture data from a wifi weight scale or activity band. All this data can then integrated into a daily health profile for the senior, and organized through the Great Call Link App to be shared with caregivers.

In comparison, Bluetooth data connectivity was not built into the Splash.

Great Call – The Company Behind Lively Alert & Splash

Great Call is a leading provider of cellular phones and mobile urgent response devices for seniors. Based in San Diego, California, they are the makers of Jitterbug phones for seniors, 5-Star Urgent Response Device (2011 – 2014, succeeded by Splash), Splash (2014 – 2016, succeeded by Lively Alert) and now, the Lively Alert. Great Call acquired the Lively company at the end of 2015, and has folded Lively’s name and technologies into new Great Call’s line of elderly activity monitoring and alert devices.

With this new Bluetooth ready product, Great Call is not aiming to bring just another mobile GPS alert system or similar mobile medical alert-type product to seniors. It want to release a device that addresses the Connected Health market; where data from various devices can be captured and shared by the Lively Alert. For a general look into mobile medical alert and similar devices, please check out our Mobile Medical Alert Systems Guide.

Which Is Better?

Overall, the Great Call Lively Alert is an improved version of the Splash for the following reasons: it’s smaller and lighter, and it’s Bluetooth ready to network with other devices. The Lively Alert also comes with an improved design. The top encloses past the edges, and the speaker and microphone placements are more streamlined.

The Splash has similar features, and if it’s working out well for you or your parents, there’s probably little reason to switch right away. Just be aware that the new Lively Alert option is available when the timing is right.

Current subscribers of the Splash can call Great Call’s customer support to order the Lively Alert if they so choose. If you have been on the sidelines eyeing the Splash for yourself or Mom/Dad, you now can now skip directly to the new generation Lively Alert. To learn more, read the full Great Call Lively Alert review.

To order the Lively Alert, please visit Great Call’s website directly. If you purchase online, you will be prompted for your zipcode to verify that there is coverage in your area.

Get Started with the Great Call Lively Alert on their Official Website. Before you buy online, you will be prompted to type in your zipcode to confirm coverage.

Disclosure: We receive referral compensation for purchases made (see details).

For a look at different mobile medical alert and mPERS (mobile personal emergency response systems), please check out our mobile GPS systems reviews section.

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4 Responses to “Great Call Lively Alert And Splash Comparison: Which is Better?”

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  1. David Horn says:

    Agree with Marge above – on 3rd unit and battery lasts about 14 hours.Supposed to be at least 24. Guess I better keep my phone handy for 911 if I go out after 9PM!!

  2. Don Falcoski says:

    Purchased GreatCall April 2016. Had issues with the lanyard and Fall protection. Upgraded from the Splash to the Lively Alert. On four prior occasions, (that we were aware of), the app stated that my wife was at home, when she was out and about. In spite of wearing the unit daily, and charging the unit every night from 10:00 pm til 8:00am, we have a message on the app now saying “It doesn’t look like Marlene used the Lively in the last week, and ” The 5 star device may be off or not in service.” I am looking at the unit flashing on my wife’s neck as I am writing this. I just got off the phone with Customer Service, who said that there is a software problem. Instead of updating the unit, the Rep.said that our contract will be good until 7-24-17 when it will be canceled. Buyer Beware. Not supposed to be a toy.Someone’s life is always at stake.

  3. Marge says:

    Used the Splash for two years and never had any charging issues. In Mar 2017 the battery charger base no longer worked and I called for replacement I was told it would be cheaper to get the Lively. It looked good BUT I had to return the Lively twice in two months and I am in the process of calling again. The battery does not stay charged.
    Sometimes it holds a charge for the day, then the day the blinking orange light goes off in 4 or 5 hrs. This is frightening when it is not dependable. I am not sure The batteries in the Lively are very good quality.

  4. Jonathan Smith says:

    We just returned alert number 6. All 6 units failed within 5 days. They die. They just stop working. We got it for our 97 year old, very independent mother and considering our experience would not trust the device or the company to provid he service that we thought would give us piece of mind. Units 4,5 and 6 were tested by me at my home, not in my mother’s apartment. We needed to be sure there wasn’t something she was doing that caused the failure. In each case the unit charged and functioned properly, until the 4th or 5th day when the alert failed catastrophically. It turned off, would not take a charge or reset.
    I asked their tech support to test the replacement unit for five days before sending to us. They did not do this, although they agreed to do it.
    This is a company that is over its head. Does not understand the technology they are selling. Can’t find a way to be sure the device they send is in working order.

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