GPS Shoes for Alzheimer’s Patients and Elderly Living On Their Own

Caring for an elderly parent with Alzheimer’s disease can be a challenge in many different ways. One worry could be that our elderly parents are out on their own and they become too disoriented to return, even if they have lived in the neighborhood for a long time. Check out this video on how GPS technology can provide more peace of mind.

Lots of mobile medical alert systems these days come with GPS tracking technology. They are really useful whenever seniors carrying these devices are out and about. It allows their location to be tracked and then beamed to monitoring center operators at the press of the SOS button. It can definitely help us keep an eye out for our loved ones.

Besides wearing a mobile SOS pendant or bracelet, GPS-installed shoes are one of the more recent inventions to make lives easier for those with elderly parents suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or living miles away. It is an enlightening invention for both the parent and child. Knowing that the child is able to monitor her whereabouts from afar, she can spend time outside the house without fearing that she might not be able to find her way home.

For readers looking into a good medical alert system that can be used both at home and on-the-go, another option is to get a dual home and mobile unit combination system. This system offered by LifeFone consists of both an at-home medical alert console and a separate mobile device with GPS.

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