French Centenarian Pedals His Way to History with Hour-Long Ride

Frenchman Robert Marchand recently made cycling history by covering a distance of 22.528 km in one hour. What made the feat astounding is the fact that Marchand is 105 years old.

Marchand enjoyed a big following in France who cheered him on as he negotiated the Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines velodrome, with the number 105 prominently displayed at the back of his yellow and blue jersey.

However, the failed to beat his previous record of 27.927 for the 100s group. He set the record in 2014 when he was 102 years old. Still, the tiny man beamed with pride after completing the one-man race. He later told reporters that he could have put up a better performance.

He said he was not aware that he had only 10 minutes remaining, and would have gone a bit faster if he knew. He’ll celebrate the feat with a “bite to eat with his pals.”

When asked if he would still race two years from now, he turned philosophical. He says that while you’re 9 months in the making, it takes you just half a minute to drop dead.

Marchand was born in the northern part of France in 1911. He learned how to ride a bike at 14, but only took it seriously after he turned 67 years old. For his recent record-breaking feat, he trained for half a year. He set the best time for his age group in 2012, covering 100 km with a time of 4:17:27. He was then 100 years old.

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