Arthritis Exercises For The Elderly

Exercise plays a key role in developing and maintaining a healthy mind and body. In this video, Anne Burnell demonstrates some easy exercises for senior citizens to get stronger and flexible hands.

Length 4:10

These exercises include:

  • Clasping action (with the hands only)
  • Flicking water from the hand
  • Scratching in the air
  • Playing the piano
  • Star Trek Vulcan salute (plus extending it by opening the pinky etc.)
  • Resting hands on lap while lifting and curling the fingers
  • Spider on a mirror
  • Flipping pancakes with alternation
  • Belly dancer’s circular wrist movements

These exercises increase the flexibility of the hands by loosening up the joints and increase grip strength. Arthritis, which starts setting in at old age, can be mitigated or avoided if you perform these exercises daily or on a weekly basis. However, for safety reasons, people with arthritis should consult an expert before performing these exercises.

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