A Medical Alert Robot For The Future

In this video, you can catch a glimpse into medical alert technologies of the future. Instead of a medical alert base console and necklace button, in the future, we could have a robot at home to help if a senior or someone has fallen and need assistance. In this demonstration, the robot senses that someone at home has fallen and is not able to get up. It goes over to the person and activates a live video call to an operator at the service station to interact with the person in need. The operator can speak with the user to help calm them down, and also dispatch an ambulance or other emergency help as needed.

The rest of the video discusses other senior technologies. For more news related to robots and elderly care, check out this robot bear being developed in Japan. Hasbro’s new robotic pets are designed to offer companionship to seniors, but they do not assist in the care of seniors.

New Internet of Things technologies could further widen the type of capabilities that these robots will possess.

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