90-Year-Old With Parkinson’s Shares Fitness Tips

This video is a demonstration of how regular workouts can help individuals combat old age conditions like arthritis and memory loss. At the age of 90, Ellard, manages to stay healthy and manages to live happily with Parkinson’s, which is amazing for his age. In this video, he shares his workout tips and daily routine for the benefit of his fellow senior citizens.

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Ellard walks down across the street to a coffee shop and follows a gym workout routine daily. Being a former military person and an active sportsman, Ellard is used to bearing the stress of a physical workout. Two years back, he discovered that he had Parkinson’s disease, which is a progressive neurological disorder.

Due to this condition, he started experiencing shuffles, even then, he walks around on his own using a pair of hiking poles. At the gym, he cycles and carries dumbbells and according to him, all this is how he keeps himself fit and fine.

Having a medical alert system installed at home can provide peace of mind that when a medical emergency occurs, help is readily accessible. However, a medical alarm gadget is no replacement for a healthy body. Staying healthy allows us to truly enjoy our old age, and live independently.

Yes, health conditions can set in, but even then, it’s not stopping Ellard from exercising and taking steps to stay fit. Besides the types of exercises mentioned by Ellard, there are many other activities to try. To learn more, check out the 10 Physical Activities to Keep Seniors Moving post.

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