5 Reasons For A Medical Alert System

Medical alert system reasonsMaking sure that our elderly loved ones have access to help when medical emergencies happen can be facilitated through medical alert systems. Having this system ensures that if any emergencies happen, they have access to help.

Why A Medical Alarm System Is Useful

Medical alarms for seniors allows them to click on an emergency button that will trigger an alert so help will be sent immediately. As a child of an elderly parent, you may often be worrying how they are because you know that they already have certain limitations physically. They are not as strong as they were before, they may even has previous incidents of falls, and their memories not as sharp as they once were. These are 5 main reasons why seniors and/or their children and grandchildren see value in a home personal emergency response system:

1. 24/7 Monitoring Help For The Elderly

As one gets older, there tends to be greater isolation. In most cases, the elderly living by themselves are on their own and they can’t just call someone close by for help. They may be weaker than before and less socially active. Over the years, friends and relatives may have moved away. The children, too, may be occupied at work or in another city far from them. Having a medical alert system ensures they can speak with a live trained professional 24/7 for help when they have an emergency.

2. Higher Risk Of Medical Emergencies With Age

It is a fact of life that as one grows older, one is not physically as strong anymore. The elderly may not be as well coordinated in their movements like before. The risk of slipping or falling is one of the leading reasons that seniors above the age of 65 visit the emergency room. With them living alone, the risk factor can increase. Just a single slip can have dire consequences, and the faster they can get help, the better.

3. Most Of Us Like To Live Independently

Not matter the age, most of us value our independence tremendously. We are used to having things our way, and living in our homes allows that. Yet we want to be safe and get help as quickly as possible when needed. This can be made possible through a medical alert system.

4. Delay The Move To A Long Term Care Facility

A delay in moving into a nursing home not only allows for more independent living, but saves on costs associated with living in a nursing home. 40% of nursing homes cite that the fear of falls is a main reason seniors choose to move over. One study said that on average, a medical alarm system delayed the move into a nursing home by 6 years.

5. Overall Peace Of Mind For Users & Their Loved Ones

An elderly medical alert system not only provides peace of mind to seniors but also to their children and loved ones. As a child or grandchild, with an elderly loved one living far away from you and alone, you may be constantly thinking how they are, if they are safe. When you have this alarm system, your worry about their safety will be lessened. With this system, you can let them have their own space as you busy yourself with work.

For these reasons, seniors and their loved ones feel that having a medical alert system at home is imperative. There are lots of companies that offer such systems. While this offers customers a lot of choices, it can also be confusing to know which one to get. If you are interested, a good place to start is to check out the Medical Alert Systems Reviews section of this website.

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