3 Healthy Seniors 77 to 91 – How They Do It

In this video, Katie Couric interviews 3 seniors aged 77, 91, 99 who are still full of vigor and zest for life. Staying healthy both physically and mentally as we age is our best asset when it comes to living independently. Genetics and the environment we live in probably play a part, but many different factors contribute to it. Don’t give up hope. Let’s watch how these folks do it.

Ernestine, 77, is a professional body builder. Amazingly, she did not set foot in a gym until she was 56. Ernestine starts her day with a 30 min daily devotion before going out to run for 2 hours and then heading to the gym for a workout.

Phyllis, 91, actively practices yoga and tango dancing. She is full of energy and curiosity for life. She continues to try new things, such as sky-diving. Dr Wareham is 99 and worked in operating rooms till he was 95. He says work has kept his mind active, as well as brought purpose to life, and he enjoyed it very much. Watch them describe how they approach life and talk about their diets.

While medical alert systems can effectively facilitate getting help when emergencies happen, there is no better investment we can make to healthy, independent living than a healthy body and mindset.

Recently, we published another post on senior Mimi Kirk, who is 76 and still full of vigor and zest for life. How does she do it? Apparently, through a raw food diet.

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